Thursday, 17 January 2008

My Wife is a Gangster (2001)

Korean title: 조폭 마누라 (Jo-pok Ma-noo-ra)

What’s popping:

For me, nothing much. It started off all interesting and hilarious but a little past the midway mark, the film felt like it had nowhere else to go.

Basically, it’s about Eun-jin (Shin Eun-gyeong, 신은경), who is trying to please her long lost elder sister, who is terminally ill.

Separated while they were kids living in an orphanage, Eun-jin is desperate to make up for lost time by meeting all of her sister’s requests. So when 언니 (eonni = elder sister) says “Jump”, 동생 (dong-saeng = younger sibling) asks, “How high?”.

Oh, did I forget to mention that 동생 is actually the 2nd in command of a criminal gang? Yeah, she’s tough as nails and her underlings (all men) address her as Big Brother (형님= hyeong nim) – uh huh, that’s the kind of clout she wields.

So when 언니’s wish is to see her married, Eun-jin has to find a man dim-witted enough to marry a mobster. Enter Soo-il (Park Sang-myeon, 박상면), a kind-hearted but rather dense civil servant who is…err, man enough for the task.

Gangster, gangster: 'The whole 노래방 (noraebang = karaoke room)
is on fire!'

The fish-out-of-water sequence here is hilarious. Eun-jin the Ice Queen, who only needs to glare at her men to make them cower, has to learn to act all lady-like. And when 언니 wants Eun-jin to start a family, 동생 obeys and subsequently forces clueless hubby for loads of sex.

However, the running subplot about a territory tussle between Eun-jin (gangster name: Mantis) and another mob boss weighs the flick down.

I also have the flick’s sequel with me, but I’m in no rush to watch it.

The plot:

Eun-jin, who is a living legend among gangsters, is extremely skillful with a pair of trademark blades. When she finds her long-lost 언니 who is terminally ill, she does her best to fulfill all of 언니’s dying wishes.

Sleeping Beauty: Prince Charming seems to be in a dilemma. Oh, to
kiss or not to kiss, that is the question

It has been said that My Wife is a Gangster is the 1st ever Korean film to be sold to a US studio for a remake. Miramax bought the remake rights for almost US$1mil, plus another US$150,000 for distribution rights.

A quick search at revealed that there isn’t an English remake of the flick until now.

Watch it:

Part of the “spoils” when I raided my friend’s DVD stash. Mwah ha ha ha ha…please get the DVD if you want to watch it.

Pics credit: HanCinema

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Dottie said...

The 1st and 2nd were AWESOME! Shu-qi ruined it by starring in the third installment.

funny said...

I am not really fond of this movie also the sequels. Maybe it's just me, but this movie is ok to watch on a bored Sunday.

Btw, suddenly I remember sth. When the sister died, did anyone feel weird when she put her head on her sister's boob and grab the other boob ? Sry if this is so random. But it's super weird. hahah

meiruo_chan said...

i like this movie a lot because it's hilarious. lots of unexpected scene. should watch the sequel, it's better than the first. the truth i like the sequel rather than the first.

dottie, you're right. it would be good if they let the original actors do that. but anyway, they are just using the same title, the plot is very different.

one of an enjoyable movie to watch. for me.

Dottie said...

Dear Funny ~ I remember that scene! :) You know, sometimes it's sad how homophobic/paranoid viewers have become that even the sacred love between siblings are viewed as skewed...
Dear Meiruo_chan ~ hehe, agreed! Agreed! Agreed!

Liz said...

Err, no. I didn't notice the boob grabbing action mentioned.

PrincelyLuna said...

i like this movie a lot ... it's original and so hilarious. Shin Eun Kyeong is really cool in that role. but i felt let down by the first sequel of the movie. as for the second sequel with Shu Qi, the dvd is collecting dust at home (bought it cos i love Lee Beom Soo!). if it is not that good, i dun think i would be as disappointed as with the first sequel cos it has not the same characters as My Wife is A Gangster.

Anonymous said...

part 1 & 2 was awesome!
Eun Kyeong really cool!
i don't like it at all when Shu Qi starring it.


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