Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Djamilya’s photoshoot in Malaysia

She came, she took some sexy photos and she left.

Abdullaeva Djamilya (
자밀라), the Uzbek beauty of the popular KBS talk show Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies was in Malaysia recently for a photoshoot.

Hot stuff: Djamilya in a teeny-weeny black & white bikini

All I know is that the pictures were taken at one of our beautiful beaches. Langkawi? Tioman? Redang? I have no clue, but you can enjoy the pics.

Romance: Djamilya astride a horse, on a beach

Less is good?: The Uzbek model flaunts her
shapely figure

Koreans can’t seem to get enough of Djamilya after she appeared on the above-mentioned talk show. For more information on her, read:
Koreans go gaga over Abdullaeva Djamilya

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

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lanatir said...

where's dominique or eva?!?!?!!?!?

sasjo said...

Hubba hubba! Thanks for thinking of us guys! :D

Joe said...

Yeah I wanna see dominique or eva.. not this airhead lol

Anonymous said...

she really is an airhead!!
when she talks on the show, makes me want to puke! she talks like a fricken baby!!

penny said...

she is really milking her 15 mins of frame huh? well, beauty doesn't last forever so better take pics while she's still HOT haha..

blinkable said...

wow she was here in Malaysia? was this reported in local newspaper?? XD No she probably didnt make the censorboardship cut XP

joo said...

she's a plastic bimbo. annoying...

Anonymous said...

She is the perfect example of a stupid bimbo. Is it true that Korean guys go crazy over her? No, not a lot of them, only some. I'm Korean, born, raised, and living in Seoul. She is the #1 foreign female who gets trashed from the crowd anytime she's on TV or anything. A popular comment I hear from a lot of guys here, is that she has no brains and acts like she's 4 yrs. old. Looks only go so far in life. She makes her biggest mistake whenever she opens her mouth. One of the big things here in Seoul is trashing her and making jokes about her. There are even t-shirts and gag gifts with her picture that say "THE DUMBEST BITCH FROM UZBEKISTAN" on them. We're all wondering how she could be so ridiculed and not be embarrassed to be seen. The country of Uzbekistan should have her deported back, immediately.

Liz said...

To the anonymous above, what you wrote was...enlightening. I thought all Korean guys adored her, and wondered what the attraction was.

Anonymous said...

She is adorable. I wish her the best.


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