Friday, 1 February 2008

Bi uses KBS platform for Asian assault

Brace yourself, Asia. An influx of Rain-related material is heading our way.

We are not talking about dramas and entertainment show appearances only, but off-line merchandise such as games(?). (I'm sorry gang, it's hard to decipher the translated article and my Korean is still at Beginner's level).

Watch it: 'I'm Coming' (ha ha geddit?, geddit?)

On Jan 29, a spokesman of J-Tune Entertainment, the talent agency owned by the Energizer Bunny, revealed that the company has inked a contract with KBS Media Co. to distribute Bi-related programs and merchandising licenses all over Asia.

"We will produce visual materials (like what, pray tell?), games and off-line merchandise from KBS materials Rain has starred in. Never-seen-before footage of Rain filmed by KBS will also be released," the spokesman said.

The contract targets all of Asia. Yahoooo! I love being Malaysian. Also, KBS is an exceptionally good choice considering it's the ONLY dedicated Korean channel available in Malaysia.

It's killin' me: Nice poster of A Love to Kill, but I didn't
like the drama. Rain looked perpetually constipated. Someone,
give the Energizer Bunny some laxative!

Rain has a good working relationship with KBS as his dramas - Sang Doo! Let's go to School, Full House and A Love to Kill are all produced by the network.

Apart from that, the Energizer Bunny has appeared in many KBS entertainment and documentary programs.

What say you, are you happy that Rain is about to rain (pun intended) down on us Asians, or have you had enough and want Rain to go away?

Source: HanCinema , Original Korean article here
Pics credit: SPN & DramaWiki

Bi's dedicated thread

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Doralee said...

Yeaaa! Hurray! I don't mind being rained with RAIN! Waiting for the day...more Rain goodies to lay my hands on...after the Clear shampoo notebook!

Anonymous said...

I think I had enough of Rain...time to move on to better hotter koreans..

Orchid said...

Actually Bi needs a new album. I am kinda tired of his performances.

-liza- said...

geeee.... look like i have to save more money for the goodies...

ladida said...

"Rain looked perpetually constipated" heehee..that's a good one. But don't worry Rain, I still luv ya :) Mmmm..if the pricing is reasonable, I wouldn't mind owning a copy. He never ceases to entertain me on various gameshows.

fraulein said...


Haha, " constipated" - that's funny. Yeah his bok-gu character looks perpetually tormented.


Yep, I agree. he needs new material. How to improve his english and work on the new album when he keeps going back to korea?

bianca said...

i hope it does not RAIN on us here...

Anonymous said...

Well Korea is home! All I've heard is a lot of hype about cutting an English album. Drop some names so we know that it's not just hot air!

fraulein said...

Yeah, anonymous.

But they'd better drop genuine names, and fill us in on some concrete details. those tt are not covered in the NDAs, if any.

Se7en's YG entertainment has been dropping names like forever ; )

bblinkable said...

KBS World and KBS not same no?? O_o

Liz said...

Hey blinkable, looks the same to me. It's just that KBS World is the international version of the channel.

We are getting their (KBS1 & KBS2) programs like Happy Sunday, Cruel Love and all that through KBS World here in Malaysia.


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