Thursday, 21 February 2008

Tickets to F.T. Island concert at TicketCharge

So you’re not one of those die-hard fans who needs to be involved in every single thing F.T. Island does while in Malaysia. However, you’d like to check out what the five-member band has to offer. What do you do?

Tickets: Available at TicketCharge

Well, you buy tickets to their concert, to be held at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre on March 30, at TicketCharge ( or Hotline: 03-2241 9999).

Price list: Choices, choices, choices

Tickets are going for RM283, RM253, RM233, RM183, RM153 and RM103, which is inclusive of RM3 handling fees.

Apart from that, you can also try winning tickets to the event by shopping at a Body Glove outlet near you.

Buy Body Glove: And be eligible for the prize

For non Body Glove card members, ring up RM150 or above at the cash register in a single receipt, and you’re eligible for the prize.

Body Glove card members, you’ll need to purchase RM120 (or above) worth of Body Glove apparel in a single receipt.

However, it is not mentioned how many tickets a person will receive. I sure hope they are giving away two tickets to each person or else, you and your friend will be wearing Body Glove apparel for the rest of the year.

All the best, chingoos!

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Ticket prices to F.T. Island's concert
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Orchid said...

By buying the Body Glove products & becoming a member, you are only "eligible" for the prize right? You will not get it 100%. So if i am a true blue fan, might as well purchase the tickets.

I think there's a Body Glove at 1Utama, but the outlet at The Curve shopping mall has been closed down.

Liz said...

It looks like there's no guarantee. The contest copy is horrid as important info on the contest mechanics such as how many tickets a person will get and what to do to get the ticket(s) isn't there.

Rooster said...

Yea, might as well get the tickets. With what you would spend at Body Glove, you could easily afford the RM233 ticket. And then go shop at F.O.S.

liza said...

i already have my tix.. hahaha.. cant wait even though i'm not their fan--- just support any korean artis here...

Arin said...

Watch: FT Island Live in Malaysia Greetings
very cute! haha.
Engrish + Malay! xD

For those who can go, please do not hesitate. JUST GO! ;D. It will be a fun concert, and even the RM100 seat could guarantee a nice view! PLEASE HAVE FUN TOGETHER WITH THEM to ensure that they'll come back again after this. I can't go! *smashesheadonthewall*

Anonymous said...

I have 2 tickets for sale for the FT Island 1st concert in Malaysia, Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre at 7.30pm tonight….sunday 30th march…. The tickets are priced originally at RM233 but selling it for RM130 only….Anyone interested pls contact Cheryl as soon as possible at 0122137248 as the concert is tonite..Thanks


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