Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Jewelry antes up sex appeal

When I came across pictures of these ladies “sexily” pouting and arching their backs for the camera, the first thought that came to mind was “how trashy”…and promptly ignored them.

Hot or not?: Jewelry milks their sex appeal for all its worth

However, a friend commented that guy readers would appreciate more sexy women on our site, as opposed to K-popped!’s natural gravitation towards hot men. Sorry for alienating all the boys out there…hello, are there any?

So here you are, guys: Jewelry is a quartet that is making a comeback with their 5th album, which will be released on Feb 20.

The group, which debuted back in 2001, even has a new line-up! What with Jo Min-ah and Lee Ji-hyun leaving the group, new members Kim Eun-jung and Ha Ju-yeon have slipped into their shoes.

Newbie 1: Ha Ju-yeon needs to lose the oversized shades. It's not
doing her any favours

Newbie 2: Kim Eun-jung is a cutie pie :-)...but is that a wig?

Existing Jewelry girls Park Jung-ah and Suh In-young will be trying to relive Jewelry's glory days (if they had any) with the newcomers.

Original gem 1: Park Jung-ah shows off a lot of cleavage

Original gem 2: Suh In-young is overdoing her sexy poses

In preparation for their comeback, the girls filmed the MV for their new track entitled (Hit me, baby?) One More Time (원 모어 타임).

Bling bling: The new Jewelry line-up

Do you think the gals are sexy or trashy?

Source: Asia Finest & PopSeoul
Pics credit: Hankooki

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Belle said...

hehe. sorry. i beg to differ on your comment on Ha Ju-yeon. without the shades, she looks like a drunk horse. and this is me being nice. because seriously Harisu looks more feminine than her. hehehe. ^^

meiruo_chan said...

I never like Sun In Young. She sucks and she thinks she's sexy???? What the heck!!!

But Park Jung Ah is ok. How did she ended up with the trio?

sasjo said...

"Sorry for alienating all the boys out there…hello, are there any?"

*waves hand frantically*

PrinelyLuna said...

the pictures of that Suh In Young are hilarious.macam orang sembelit je!!

what they are doing does not fall within my definition of 'sexiness' at all!

Anonymous said...

definitely trashy to me.. they should learn from honey lee not hyori on how to b sexy..
hahahhaa...i hv to agree wif belle..u should see her at allkpop.com

Liz said...

oh dear, poor girl. Yeah I saw her pics without the shades on (thanks anonymous). She has err, equine-like features alright. Is that with or without plastic surgery?

Liz said...

Oh yes sasjo, I see your hand :-). *waves back*

Orchid said...

Park Jung Ah is okay - quite sexy. The rest...cannot lar...out.

ladida said...

"equine-like features" XD that's funny, Liz. Yeah, i agree w/Orchid. Park Jung ah is the prettiest of the bunch. As for those poses in those outfits, the girls can certainly use tips from the experts on how to pose seductively. Come to think of it, consulting Djamilya for her sexy posing techniques might not sound so bad, eh? XD


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