Thursday, 14 February 2008

JYP is Korean entertainment’s top dog

Park Jin-young, the man who mentored Rain and composed the catchy Tell Me track for Wonder Girls, is the richest celebrity shareholder in Korea.

Rich: JYP is the richest celebrity in Korea

In a recent assessment by, CEO of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin-young, held the largest shares out of all celebrity CEOs and celebrity shareholders of listed and unlisted companies in Korea.

The 36-year-old has under his possession shares worth USD28 mil. (US$1 = RM3.24).

Top Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon takes second place with shares worth USD20.4mil in Keyeast Inc.

Coming in third is Lee Su-man, the man behind talent agency SM Entertainment, which is a KOSDAQ listed company. His shares are worth USD9.2mil.

Fourth place is some dude named Joo Byun-jin (who is he?) at USD8.7mil, while Korea’s hottest export since kimchi – Rain – is in fifth place with USD8.3mil.

Source: KBS Global
Pic credit: StarNews

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Anonymous said...

lee soo man is 3rd??? as greedy as that man is?????????? I cannot believe thats all the money he has-- I bet he's hiding some in pillow cases so he doesn't have to pay taxes :-P
If LSM had branched out into western markets a long time ago like JYP did instead of being so snotty he would have more money like JYP...

Liz said...

Hello kpop-rubba, can you enlighten me on this Lee Su-man character? A whole lot of people don't like him. How come?

Does he work his talents to the bone? Forces his talents to get plastic work done?

Arin said...

lol. haha. yeah, i thought Lee Soo Man would be the richest too! xD
well, liz, something like that, i think. but in the end, the success of his talents are all thanks to him. and he was the one who created DBSK, the super successful group now. if it wasn't for him who decided to send the boys to Japan, they would never have achieved something like topping the Oricon chart xD
but still, he has some weird plans and strategies that tend to piss the fans off, sometimes >_<.
you know, like adding more members to Super Junior? making a sub-group, Suju China? etc.
and he cares too much about their looks, that sometimes can look plastic.

sorry for the long rant abt LSM. huhu. anyway, congratulations JYP! haha, well, just look at his aims and goals. ^^

Jee said...

From Koreatimes, Joo Byung-jin is an ex comedian, who now owns Good People, an underwear manufacturer listed on the bourse.

Clammy said...

I agree, I can't believe that Lee Soo Man is only 3rd. He HAS to have money somewhere else invested or hidden! He's like the evil, everything wrong about K-Pop guy of the Korean music industry.

Anonymous said...

well liz, it goes back to the H.O.T days... When H.O.T split there was a lot of controversy over the reasons. the members who left SM and formed JTL claimed that SM payed them very little even though they had sold millions... he even told them that he payed for their gas so they shouldn't be asking for more money. He has alot of connections and tactics to suppress artists from other entertainment companies and such among many other things!
time news article

Liz said...

Hey Jee, thanks for the link to Koreatimes. :-)

kpop-rubba, the TIME articles were such interesting reads. Was it recent? I can't seem to find the date of the articles.

Ah, now I know why nobody likes LSM.

Clammy said...

Yeah, LSM is pretty well known in Korea and to Koreans as being a slave driver to his artists. With a few exceptions, signing with LSM and having him groom and create you is like signing away your soul to the devil. You get fame and things taken care of for you, but he OWNS you and your life. And if you leave, he tries to blacklist you. With the internet and higher public exposure now-a-days, he has less power to do so though.

Anonymous said...

LSM was mean to shinhwa.

first, he bias towards them and focus more on H.O.T and SES? during their debut. he din give them enuf training causing them almost disband during the 1st album

2nd. rumour said that he hit andy and kick him out from shinhwa before 4th album.

3rd. shinhwa refuse to continue with sm and LSM pointed out that if Shinhwa moved to a new company, they could no longer use the name Shinhwa because of copyright laws. The argument was taken to court, where Eric as a leader have to pay some amount to buy the shinhwa and switch to Good Enter with the same name.

Anonymous said...

*woot* Everyone here basically answer the qs on LSM *haha* It's more like if you listen to most of the SM artists (incl. ex) you get to know more on LSM. I dont like his rumoured tactics (even to the extent of using force e.g., hiring mobs to beat artsites) as well but I mus admitt he has good brain and to survive in this ent world, you jus gotta be a LSM ;) I jus read he is coming up with karaoke restaurant! And jus like everyone here, I am surprised he's not #1! XD Guess JYP proves he's the better man huh?

liz: the Times article was dated Jul. 29, 2002

Anonymous said...

Well even if LSM isn't the richest, he's still RICH!!! he's on the list.
And the way he treated his artist is up to him. he looses a group therefore he'll lose money. I'm sure he's bettering his attitude and SM policies. To make money, you have to be fair and good with your artist.


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