Tuesday, 5 February 2008

TRIVIA: Nip slip threat

The lady in the hot pink tube dress is preventing a nip slip. Who do you think she is?

Hint: She was in the drama series All In and had a cameo appearance in Daniel Henney’s My Father.

Answer (Feb 7):

The lady who's adjusting her top is Choi Jeong-won. Who? Well she had a supporting role in the drama series All In and a cameo in My Father. But soon, she will be toplining a new movie entitled Daehani, Mingook sshi (대한이, 민국씨).

Taking the lead: After many supporting roles,
Choi Jeong-won is set to take centrestage

The film is about a hairdresser (played by Choi ) who takes care of 2 men who are mentally challenged. Their names are 대한 (Daehan, played by Choi Seong-gook) and 민국 (Mingook, played by Kong Hyeong-jin).

Taking a seat: Miss Choi speaks to the press
about her new movie on Feb 4

Daehan is a romantic who believes that love is all one needs to survive while Mingook is an ambitious man who believes that the world is his oyster.

The cast: From left to right, Choi Seong-gook,
Choi Jeong-won and Kong Hyeong-jin

The film, which is scheduled for release in Korea on Valentine's Day (Feb 14), will depict the funny situations that arise between the men and the hairdresser.

Source & Pics credit: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm

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Anonymous said...

Song Hye Kyo?

Orchid said...

Sarah Chang

Joe said...

Oh I found the answer hehe

Miss Choi!

fraulein said...

It looks a bit like the girl who was in I'm a cyborg but that's ok, im soo-jung ?

Liz said...

The answer to who the lady adjusting her top is up :-). Yeah, it was a tough one, but it got ya thinking, didn't it? :-P tee hee...


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