Thursday, 21 February 2008

Korean celebrities fear for their safety

Being in the public eye has its repercussions.

Not only does one need to look good all the time for the (hidden) cameras (no star in his/her right mind would want the paparazzi to snap a shot of him/her, say, digging the nose, or scratching the butt), but celebrities also face very real death threats.

Take for instance TV entertainer No Hong-chul, who was recently attacked by a man with a knife in front of his apartment in Apgujeong, Seoul.

No Hong-chul hospitalised after being attacked on Feb 19

The man waited for No to return home before assaulting him. No, who sustained a cut to his left ear, was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The motive behind the attack hasn’t been established. I’m betting the dude is just crazy; there are loads of people like this out there.

Here’s a brief run through of Korean celebrities who’ve had their fair share of brush with danger.


Leader of popular boyband TVXQ, U-know Yunho, became ill after drinking juice that had been laced with glue. It was given to him by a “fan”.

Yunho will be more careful with his drinks from now on

Actress Lee Ji-yun was abducted by strangers. She managed to escape after two hours.


A stalker, who had been trailing Kim Chang-wan for 13 years(!) broke the star’s nose.

Erstwhile g.o.d. member Yoon Kye-sang received a poisoned drink. While he didn’t drink it, his mother helped herself to it and was subsequently taken to the hospital to get her stomach pumped.


A jealous fan of Moon Hee-jun, who was a member of boy band H.O.T., sent a threatening letter and a razor blade to Kan Mi-youn, a member of the girl group Baby V.O.X because Kan was rumoured to be dating Moon.

Kan Mi-youn is wary of "fan mails "


Actress Do Ji-won was abducted by a couple who threatened the actress with a knife at the parking lot of a sports centre in Seoul. The pair stuffed Do into the trunk of the car and drove around for 5 hours. They only released her after a ransom of W14million was paid.


Na Hoon-a, who almost dropped his pants for the media recently to prove a point, was assaulted during his concert by a man who leapt onto the stage with a broken bottle. Na sustained a cut on his face. This entertainer was attacked again in Nov 1989.

Na Hoona has been attacked at least twice

Has any of your favourite Korean stars been assaulted by locos out there? Tell us about it!

Source: Digital Chosunilbo

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lemonade lagoon said...

An anti-fan shot Yoon Eun-hye in the eye with soy sauce and vinegar during her Baby VOX days. It resulted to a scratched cornea.

Hankyung, the Chinese member of SuJu, is the latest target of the anti-fans. As of late, he has received several "prank packages" that contains sick stuff like a bloodied knife, a stabbed photo and a message for him to go back to China. @_@

Seriously, what's up with the "anti" culture in Korea? It's scary. Has it been this way ever since or are the anti-fans getting more and more out of hand?

hjn said...

Fans assault is scary.. i mean, poisonous drink? if my mom were to get one of those, the culprits will get some five fold ministry from me!
anyway, i heard of some assaults that happened because the actor/actress was close to someone else who is not their lead partners in the drama? the obsession level is insane...
pity those celebrities...

Anonymous said...

I was about to come here and talk about what Han Kyung has been through just as lemonade lagoon said, he has recieved alot of negative attention by nationalistic Korean 'fans' and plenty of Chinese 'fans' who hate him for some odd reason? Poor boy, he's soooo sweet too!
I really don't understand what is up with these people.

ladida said...

"Actress Lee Ji-yun was abducted by strangers. She managed to escape after two hours"
Wow! That's incredible. I want to know how to manage to escape from her abductors

Anonymous said...

That's why you need BIG SCARY BLACK body guards to take you every where.'s a little 16 yr old Korean girl up against a 300lbs black man...they're worth the money.

blinkable said...

But I tend to notice normal sized bodyguards around these stars..instead of getting big sized ones to fend off loony fans they are aiming for blending in to secretly protect the artistes??
However once you are off to your personal lives, who's gona protect you??
And you seriously cant get away from online attacks, which IMO happen to be the worst kinds. You do not get hurt physically but mentally *shudders*

Anonymous said...

korean fans and anti-fans are crazy. Like you cant have thier fvorite kpop boys becoz they'd kill you! its pathetic really and sick..

Anonymous said...

god korean fans are strange..Where I live ( we have a lot of "foreign" entertainers) the "foreign" entertainers quickly gets his/hers passport arranged so that they can get to work fast and we actually don't even call them "foreigner entertainers" but we call them the pride of our country.( our country (somewhere in europe) has a great lack of good musicians trust me..everyone is welcome XD)


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