Monday, 18 February 2008

Lee Hyori in a fat suit fools family

Hyori's Mom & Dad baffled

Sexy Lee Hyori underwent 5 hours of makeup and slipped into a fat suit to pile on the kilos for an SBS show entitled Change.

Sisters were fooled too

She then visited her family and nobody recognised her until she revealed herself!

The TV stills show Mom, Dad and Sisters finally discovering that the heavy lady who is visiting them is actually their beloved Hyori.

Hyori peels off the fat suit
Source & Pics credit: Newsen

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fraulein said...

i like how pretty hyori doesnt mind acting goofy or taking the mickey out of things

song said...

she's such a dork! gotta love her!

Anonymous said...

i love this girl! she's so cute and funny!

ladida said...

i'm not being stereotypical. But, generally speaking, a good majority of asians are skinny...i bet her family's initial reactions were like "WHOAH!! Who da.." XD


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