Monday, 18 February 2008

Rain falls in Busan…

…and we don’t mean the weather.

Jeong Ji-hoon, the Korean star who bagged the lead role in a Hollywood flick tentatively called Ninja Assassin, entertained the masses at the 2008 DFS Lotte Family Concert in Busan on Feb 16.

Psst: 'Heard the good news yet? I'm gonna play a ninja. Whoo-hoo!'

Talented: 'But first, lemme remind you that I sing good and
have no problems heating up any dancefloor.'

The 26-year-old sensation, who has been busy jetting across the Atlantic to land deals to advance his career Stateside, last performed onstage four months ago at the Daegu Concert.

Acting cute: 'And for my next act, I'm gonna shake my butt like so (left).
OK with you? (right)'

About 15,000 fans turned up for the event, where the Energizer Bunny serenaded them with his hit tunes such as I Do, It’s Raining, How to Avoid the Sun and Nappeun Namja (Bad Man).

No sweat: 'I could do this the whole night, no big deal' (left).
Rain sings it again one more time (right).

The Energizer Bunny shared the stage with Yangpa, who apparently lost her stylist and walked onto stage in this colourful and layered…er, thing.

Sausage dress: Yangpa, whose name literally translates to "onion"
dons a sausage-like dress

The walking fashion disaster then belted out tunes such as When I Fall in Love. Yangpa, girl, that would be a long time coming if you keep parading around in the Amazing Technicolour Dream Dress.

Emotional: Yangpa and the Amazing Technicolour
Dream Dress

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

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Danny Foo said...

I agree...that's definitely a thing. A thing to purposely make her look like the worst dressed so it'll be covered in the gossip magazines later. LOL!

Belle said...

its an ugly ugly ugly dress! oh my gosh a disaster!

kpop-rubba said...

Bi looks sooooo adorable!! I love that head band thing <333333333333333333333333;; I'm so happy for all his success and happy that as busy as he is he still makes time to perform in Korea...

hanie said...

eh.. no signature fake rain..???
yangpa, girl,that one super fugly the stylist..NOW!!!!!

Orchid said...

Did Yangpa not look into the mirror before stepping out to perform in that dress? Looking at it makes me feel uncomfortable. It is definitely a fashion faux pas.

Bi looks very healthy in those pics. His skin is practically glowing! I think he's gearing up for his role as the Ninja Assassin which includes taking good care of his body, eating healthy & (i hope) getting enough rest!

Anonymous said...

How i wish i was there....Bi look skinny compared to last year when he was here (KL)....may be coz of he's wearing black....anyway...he's still sexyyy.............

inquinn said...

the dress looked ugly on yangpa but by itself i think it's cuuuteeeeeeee. something i would imagine come out straight from children's fairytale storybook

fraulein said...

I agree Orchid. Bi looks healthy here. Still busy no doubt but more well rested too, compared with the crazy schedule he usually keeps.

Lookin' fine, Bi !

fraulein said...

He has regained some of his usual style, not the ajummafied look of the previous post. That look still scares me...

ladida said...

Rain looks great! Yangpa, on the other hand, looks like one big oil-base paint residue. Btw, was she standing on a 2-3 tiers platform. I'm trying to figure out where her legs end..

Anonymous said...

Lol That comments about Yangpa were hilarious. Oh I love Bad Guy by Rain, he looks a little young for me though~ Not digging his style either.

Cio said...

Rain doesnt look 26 tbh, and that dress is cool! :D ahahahaha

Anonymous said...

the more I look at Yangpa`s dress the more it looks like its alive !!!
and it looks like colroed/rainbow bright onion.. I know YANGPA means ONION but does she have to exaggerate that much? -____-;;


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