Monday, 28 April 2008

Bada carries the Olympic torch

Thumbs up: Bada is all pumped for
the torch relay

The ‘troubled’ Beijing Olympic torch makes its way to Seoul, Korea and one of the flame bearers is none other than former SES singer Bada. The lass was all smiles when she ran with the flame.

Protesters of the Olympic torch relay were outnumbered by Chinese supporters during Sunday’s Korean leg. The Chinese supporters, which were mostly made up of students studying in Korea, turned up in force in an effort to guard the Olympic flame.

Where's the fire?: Flame is missing

Many citizens were not able to witness the relay, which had 68 runners running for 22km from the Olympic Park to City Hall, because of the police guards and some 6,500 Chinese supporters who surrounded the flame!

The event was not without incident though. Police arrested three Koreans and one Chinese student for interfering with the torch relay.

Ignited: Ah yes, burn baby, burn

One of those arrested was a North Korean defector who jumped into the relay route to snatch away the torch. He said he was protesting against China’s forceful repatriation of North Korean refugees.

Many people died because they were sent back, and I tried to show my protest by putting out the torch.”

Isn’t this the most troubled Olympic torch relay ever? I can’t remember such commotion over the flame during the previous Olympics.

Running with fire: Bada proudly holds
up the Olympic flame

Source: Digital Chosunilbo
Pics credit: Newsen


vonn said...

i don't understand why she had to wear that outfit. aren't the more flattering clothes for this? ):

(d: is there a list of the torch bearers? how many more stars are going to do this? i read that Lee Hom already did it, and Han Kyung will run soon)

YeinJee said...

vonn... it's a uniform obviously.

Each of the location would have around 70-100 torch bearers from different fields of profession. Normally there would be just one or two stars at each relay.

Han Kyung will be running in Beijing if not mistaken; not really sure if Lee Hom have done it.

Anonymous said...

where is HanGeng gonna run the torch? Through his home province?
-oh just read you said Beijing? I hope it'll air on TV or something... We only had the San Francisco run on the news here.

I love love love watching these torch rallies... All the protest and the drama. I get such a kick outta when someone tries to grab the torch and then they're tackled to the ground!
Comparing the Seoul run to other cities its so clear that South Korea had the most security. There was an entire MOB of security surrounding the torch at all times. And it seemed like the proChina people were more aggresive than any of the antiChina protesters... Like I literally saw a Chinese student kung fu kick a protester.

Anonymous said...

"forceful repatriation"? Of course China's going to send North Korean refuges out of her border. What kind of lame excuse is that to put out the torch? ANY country would send illegal immigrants out of their boundaries. Not to mention China has 1.3 billion citizens already. I'm sorry, but that guy is on crack.

Anonymous said...

^ alot of countries take political refugees and even if China did not want to keep these people they could keep them temporarily till they found a place that would.
All these people who protest are just trying to get their message heard. If he caused a stir no matter how big its a win for him cuz you're now hearing about an issue you may have not known existed in the past.

Neway, I was right when I said those Chinese students got a lil rowdy (like spin kicking an anti china protester) this was one of the only places where I saw the anti china protesters scared and huddled together. Now some south koreans are backlashing against the Chinese protesters for being overzealous

Anonymous said...

"forceful repatriation" back to NKorea is a little different from being sent back to other countries.

When China sends N.Koreans who have fled NK (for good reason) – the Chinese government knows that the penalty is death. That is what the S.Korean man is protesting; and he has a personal reason to do so since his own brother was executed in NK after China sent him back. Furthermore, yes, in theory illegal immigrants are to be deported but political refugees from unstable countries have been, historically, protected by country they flee to because the country knows they have no place else to go. Using population as an excuse to devalue the worth of one life is not only heartless as it is reflective is just WHY China’s “Journey of Harmony” is fraught with protesters.

I agree that the NK refugee issue is a sticky one - but the question all comes down to this: Would you send a man to his death simply because there are already “1.3 billion citizens” in China or because he is there “illegally?” By that logic, the conductors of the Underground Railroad and the people who hid Jews during WWII were “on crack.”

If being on crack means doing the right thing even when the law punishes you for doing so - then by all means let me be on crack.

Anonymous said...

is bada the only olympic torch bearer in s.korea? i mean she's the only being talked about in several sites. what's up with that?


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