Friday, 18 April 2008

Epik High’s One

Here’s a little Friday Kpop music treat: Epik High’s first track off their latest album, One.

Taken off the hip hop trio’s Pieces, Part One long-player, the MV shows a depressed and desperate Jung Ryu-won (of My Lovely Sam-soon fame) who opts for the easy way out in life – suicide.

However, the Epik High trio, who seem to be guardian angel-like characters – they walk through solid matter and “turn back time” – intervene.

It’s has a catchy hook, so watch it now…quickly ‘cos time is tickin’, time time is tickin’ tickin’; time is tickin’, time time is tickin’ away ;-).

Source: K-popped! reader momo


Anonymous said...

yay.. i already watched it..awesome!!! i almost didnt recognized her (jung ryu won)..wonder where to but their cd??

Anonymous said...

wow, epik never ceases to amaze me! i totally love this song and tablo is sitll such a hottie!!!

janeberryblue said...

oh wow I'm ashamed to say that I haven't really given epik high a chance and this single is really awesome! now i'm gonna go check out some of their previous work!

thanks so much for sharing!

khamela said...

yay, I couldn't wait to see the video. I love Epik High, they're amazing

Anonymous said...

love epik high for trying something new and the genre are totally different from the previous albums..more euro trance and all..

if u notice euro dance/trance genre is coming back and most korean artists are exploring more into it..for example like Big Bang, Lexy, Xeno to name a few^^

i totally dig it..

Tablo, Mithra and Dj Tukutz are truly amazing musician..

Like Tablo used to refer his album as “no genre, just music”…i totally understand what he meant by now..its all about music!!!

Anonymous said...

check out some of their other songs on the album. i love it!

Thuy said...

I love the song! The MV was a bit dramatic but the ending was good. :)

Anonymous said...

These guys are true muscians! They know music and truly understand it, that's why they always come out with awesome music! Epik high is without a doubt, one of the best taltents in Korea!


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