Friday, 18 April 2008

Keanu Reeves meets Korean fans for Street Kings

Whoa: 'Look, it's Neo!'
(All pictures were taken at the Yongsan CGV Theater special red
carpet event last night)

Annyeonghaseyo!: Keanu greets his Korean fans.

Autograph please: Keanu notices a fan's request. Awww...

More on Keanu Reeves’ visit to Korea (please indulge me on this readers, I'm a fan :-)).

Apparently, the Hollywood star gave reporters and fans the slip when he arrived at the Incheon International Airport on April 16. Many who were waiting for the Matrix star were disappointed and angry.

To add fuel to that, 20th Century Fox Korea circulated a notice asking reporters not to write about Street Kings’ beginning sequence where Keanu’s character Tom Ludlow trades racial slurs with a couple of Korean thugs. Digital Chosunilbo calls the demand “overly patronizing”.

WOW!: Keanu is amazed to see the many fans who
turned up to meet him. I would be there too, if I could....

Nice to meet you: The actor waves to his fans

Matrix talk: 'Yeah, I can do 'bullet time' while signing
autographs too. Here, lemme show you.'

Scribble: 'You sure you want me to autograph
the handphone too?'

Keanu, who turns 44 on Sept 2nd, cooled tempers down at Thursday’s press conference by charming his Korean host. He said “hello” and “thank you” in Korean and said that the local dish of grilled beef with lettuce is “fantastic.”

The press took the opportunity to ask the actor about the “controversial” sequence, to which Keanu agreed that it was “pretty shocking” and added that the aim had been to make a “hard” flick. The actor then expressed hope that Koreans won’t take things personally.

Keanu also talked about his next project with writer/ director/ actress/ Daniel Day-Lewis’s wife Rebecca Miller. Based on Miller’s novel, Keanu describes The Private Lives of Pippa Lee as a more “naturalistic” project.

“I don’t know what the future will bring, but…” and here he touched wood, “hopefully it’s good things.”

Yeah! *Liz touches wood too* 키아누 오빠, 사랑해요!

Message: 'Liz dear, wish you were here.' :-P

Reaching out: 'Man, you guys have beautiful hands, no kiddin'!'

Red carpet: 'Phew, so many fans along the red carpet!'

Come here: 'And who shall I make this out to?'

Street Kings: Keanu does some PR for his latest cop thriller

The one and only Keanu Reeves...

Source: Digital Chosunilbo
Pics credit: Newsen & Osen

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wawa said...

Keanu is totally d bomb!
but he does look a bit old in all those pix!

Orchid said...

I wonder who's that beside him all the time, the one with mustache...his bodyguard?

Rooster said...

Mature wawa, he looks mature. Ha ha ;p

Looks like the K-popped Trio are going gaga over Keanu.

Orchid said...


erv said...

hi k-popped :

i know this is totally unrelated but am hoping that you guys can help me with this.

i saw this Taeyangcho Gochujang in the market today and the only english words available were KOREAN PASTE. may i know how do we use this??

Dottie said...

Dear Liz~ I've been a fan of this guy since I was twelve and that was some time back so I know how you feel! XP Let me just add that even my MOM is in love with him! Never thought I'd have to fight my mom over a man!!! Thanks for all the Keanu-coverage. I love it!

Clammy said...

No matter what role he plays, in how many movies, no matter how serious, I will always, at some point in the movie, think to me myself, that's Ted "Theodore" Logan!!!! Excellent!!! and then air guitar to myself in my head!

Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on that Clammy. Not that I think of him as Ted but he just sounds like a stoner dude no matter what.
I love when he's in Chick flicks... I can always hear him saying *tries best surfer dude impression* "Dude, I love you... and stuff"

sunshine said...

his acting sucks and he is getting a bit old but there is something about him that just makes me drool

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'd watch anything Keanu's in! He is such a hottie! To me, he's the kind of guy who just gets hotter as he gets older!

Liz said...

@erv, hi there, you can try Orchid's Everyday Bibimbap with gochujang. A way to use gochujang here.

@dottie...uh huh, me love Keanu too. Love, love, love...

@anonymous, I'll drink to that statement! He's like fine wine. Cheers! :-)

wawa said...

@rooster... hahaha! okay, mature! but he's still hot dowh...

Rooster said...

@Dottie: I had to fight with my mom over Hugh Jackman! He he

Anonymous said...

His age lines are showing!! He has aged soooo much

daisyjane said...

Yes Keanu Reeves is still hot.

@anonymous : I think the reason why he has aged so much is because of his reckless lifestyle. He just needs some TLC - someone to take care of him y'know what i mean...


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