Thursday, 3 April 2008

Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein popular in South Korea

American pop artist, the late Roy Lichtenstein's (27 Oct 1923 - 29 Sept 1997) work has gained huge popularity in South Korea thanks to the Samsung slush fund scandal. One of Lichtenstein's work, "Happy Tears" appeared on a list of artworks that were allegedly bought by Samsung with money from corporate slush funds. The scandal brought Lichtenstein into the limelight, a decade after his death.

A file photo of ‘Happy Tears’ by Roy Lichtenstein,
valued at US$7.15 million, which Samsung Group
chairman Lee Kun-hee’s wife allegedly bought with
money from Samsung slush funds.

Korean collectors take the fame of the artist highly into consideration when they make a purchase.

Lichtenstein's work is heavily influenced by both popular advertising and the comic book style.

View and learn about Lichtenstein's pieces:
Drowning Girl
Girl with Hair Ribbon, 1965
Crying Girl

View Roy Lichtenstein's work on

Source & pics credit: Digital Chosunilbo

Is Samsung going to the dogs?


fraulein said...

Is it just be or does the pic remind me of the opening credits in Desperate Housewives ?

jicks said...

^Hmm... I can kinda see what you mean. Just the whole vibe of it all... but it's no surprise because Roy Lichtenstein's work are so influential, even til now.

I love his stuff!!

Anonymous said...


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