Friday, 2 May 2008

Dad sends Eru off for military duty

Proud moment: 'Stand tall and proud son, you're
doing our country a great service'

Eru's celebrity father Tae Jin-ah sent his youngest son off for his compulsory military duty on Labour Day yesterday.

From the pics, it sure looks like Daddy stole the limelight during the event. The 25-year-old (and Daddy) saluted and bid farewell to fans before Junior entered the training centre.

이렇게: 'You salute like this! Keep your hand straight.
I don't want to see any girly bent in the hand now, you hear?'

Singer Eru, who was born in New York, gave up his US citizenship in 2005 to acquire a Korean one.

Goodbye Eru, see you in two years' time.

Hugs: 'I'm gonna miss ya my boy, but let's not
tear up in front of these people.'

Simply the best: 'My son's the best.'

Singing praises: 'Let's put our hands together for Eru
who is enlisting today. Hip hip hooray!'

Hot day: 'Man, it's so hot. My scalp's burning.'

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

Eru to enlist for military duty in 2008


Valerie said...

Everywhere Eru makes an appearance his dad is practically behind him and makes an appearance. It's good he sent him off. Good luck to Eru in the military! So he's doing a desk job like Jang Woo Hyuk?

I prefer Eru in this haircut. He looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Eru here looks 100x better than Kangta when he entered military service.. although it still confirms my belief that korean celebrities are nothing without their hair.

ThuyVi said...

so if he gave up his American citizenship for a Korean one does that mean he is no longer an American? or only in the eyes of the Korean government is he no longer an American? cause if you're born in the states you'll always be an American no matter what right? never really thought about it until now..

Dottie said...

The father is soooo funny!!! Remember the episode of Xman when he made a special appeareance as 'RAIN'??? Got me rolling on the floor.

And to thuyvi: there are many Asian countries that actually DO NOT allow dual-citizenship so you are REQUIRED to choose. This means you surrender/void the other. Of course I think this process is much more forgiving on the US side...


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