Friday, 2 May 2008

Do Not Copy Me tees on Korean celebs

Do Not Copy Me: Kim Tae-hee (left) and Moon Ji-eun
in sleeveless Viktor Viktoria Vixens tee

Korean celebs such as Kim Tae-hee and new singer Moon Ji-eun have been spotted in Do Not Copy Me T-shirts.

I like the statement on the tee and surfed around to find out where to get it. Viktor Viktoria, a prime destination for fashionistas located in Milwaukee and mega online store, sells the T-shirts among many, many other things.

Original: Model shows off the VVV
Tee at the online store

Apart from the uber chic Do Not Copy Me tees, other bold statements on T-shirts include Chicks Rule, All The Good Ones Are Gay, Don't Be Jealous (which was even seen on Paris Hilton), Miso Hot and Please Do Not Feed The Models.

Envy: Paris Hilton in one of the VVV tees

Do you have any of the T-shirts? The Viktor Viktoria Vixens range is selling from US$22.99 (RM73). Also, do you know if the ones on the Korean celebs are VVV originals? I don't see sleeveless versions of the T-shirt at the online store.


Chianz said...

;'D ii prefer the korean version...
omo... RM70 somethg was quite expensive coz it was just a simple tee with some logo words on it...
if it RM50 still consider normal price! but sleeveless one was really lookin sososo nice... ^^

Anonymous said...

I can't stand such T-shirts so cheap. ANyone can get a high quality T-shirt and press on their own patterns and text onto it. I don't see the big deal. Once Paris Hilton owns a shirt, then I believe this trend is done and over with.

Anonymous said...

whoa did paris gets 'plants or a really good padded bra? I remember her being flat as a pancake

Liz said...

@anonymous, it's actually quite expensive in our neck of the woods.

laurraine said...

i agree with anonymous, anyone can buy plain shirts and do some simple'll be a lot better to create your own design, using silkscreen method or using the easy tshirt transfer paper

WYOK said...

funny to see so many people wearing it when the message is clearly "DO NOT COPY ME".



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