Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Go Soo takes on theatre

Attention!: Relax a little dude, you're already
out of the army

Fresh out of military service, Go Soo is all set for theatre!

The 30-year-old actor has been busy rehearsing for his supporting role in The Return of Mr. Um, a sequel to a popular award-winning play entitled At the Marina.

"After my army service, I feel like I have lost the sense of acting," Go Soo told the press on May 7. "I guess I will have to practice harder since I've always wanted to act on stage," he added.

Attention: Gosh, look at all these cameras

One of the reasons Go got the part was because of his "humble attitude". It is also reported that Go is learning a lot during rehearsals and is having fun working with his co-stars and director Park Geun-hyung.

The Return of Mr. Um will be staged at the Wonder Face in Daehangno from May 23 onwards.

Stylist please: Are ripped jeans making
a comeback?

Stumped: 'Man, am I doing the right thing here?'

Cast: Go Soo (second from right) and his co-stars

Source: The Korea Herald
Pics credit: Newsen

Ko Soo completes military service


Annie said...

Go Soo looks so lost and out of place. hahaha

fieryheart said...

He's still handsome as ever but I think the days during his army stint has affected his body posture.He seems so stiff and unfriendly.He does look tougher though.

Valerie said...

he is a cutie patootie.

ok_jk said...

I definitely agree with all the previous comments! He's so stiff now; but I assume not only is it because of his service in the military, but he may just be uncomfortable being in front of cameras again?

Aja aja Go Soo! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

he looks super 'blur' le...

Anonymous said...

He still looks very handsome. After military, ofcourse, you'll be stiff because that's how military men are like military cadets. I'm pretty sure his acting talent will come back after all he already won quite a few best actor awards plus his major in college was acting. Give him a chance to recuperate from those hard military days.


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