Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Honey Lee kisses Shin Hyun-joon


Miss Korea 2006 Honey Lee (25) snogs Saint Hobbo Oppa Shin Hyun-joon (40) in a music video for the-singer-who-remains-faceless, Zia.

You know how it is with Korean MVs, they are like complete stand alone mini-movies and some, like this one, are made into Parts 1, 2 and 3! Elaborate love stories, special effects, loads of drama - the usual stuff.

Check out more pics below. It could be a whole lot of hot air over nothing, like that lame kiss shared between Sandara Park and T.O.P. (Big Bang) for Gummy's I'm Sorry MV.

We'll just have to wait and see with this one.

One more time: 'Mmm...let's do another take.'

Peck on the forehead?!: 'Hey, I didn't sign
up for this St. Oppa!'

Another one: 'Sheesh!'

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Anonymous said...

:) Honey and SHJ....somehow this seems more interesting than other hyped up kisses~

Me said...

^Of course, since he is reknown actor and selective with his job.

Ah, my fave actor. OMG! His back in MV. I can't wait to DL and watch this. BTW, if you don't know he also act in in the famous MV ever Kiss - Because I'm A Girl. The girl was also Ms Korean at that time.

I hope he will acting in drama soon. It been long time since Stairway to Heaven.

Photomofo said...

Its funny, I never saw this dude before (And I have over 500 Kdramas and Movies).

Then I watched Stairway to heaven and now I see him everywhere I look!



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