Friday, 30 May 2008

Kim Ah-joong sells books...emotionally

Grrrowl: 'Come here Tiger, and get, book.'

When I saw the picture above while Hallyu surfing, the first thing that came to mind was: “Is Kim Ah-joong selling condoms now?”

Well, you can’t blame me, my Korean is still very juvenile, Kim Ah-Joong has a cheeky come-hither look and the book looks like a packet of condoms…what, it doesn’t? Well, do I look like I care?

Anyway, after some sniffing around, I landed on Dramabeans’ website and discovered that the 200 Pounds Beauty actress is co-editing a book(!) with Koryo University’s professor Kim Kwang-su (pic below, left).

Happy: 'Ah ha ha ha...we're gonna be RICH with you on board,
my dear Ah-joong. Those suckers will grab the book off the
shelves with you hawking it and that condom-like design
on the cover. Ha ha...we're geniuses!'

The book is entitled Emotional Communication. Huh? Does it mean you cry every time you communicate? To read Dramabeans’ entry and discover how the unlikely partnership formed, hit this link – emotionally.

Pics credit: Sports Seoul


Orchid said...

it doesn't help that those huge Korean words read gam-jeong! without knowing what it means & with the cover like that i would think condoms too!

How is Kim A-joong qualified to co-edit such a book. That professor must be her #1 fan. Making her co-editor is just an excuse to spend time with her. ;-)

daisyjane said...

ㅋㅋㅋ Yeah it's 'The Condom Book'

Dottie said...

Words fail me...

So many talented and struggling writers out there who will probably enjoy the fruits of their labor posthumusly and this idiot happily co-authors.

Come oh judgment day!


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