Thursday, 15 May 2008

Lee Joon-ki in historical drama Iljimae

Mysterious good/bad guy: Lee jun-ki is
behind the mask

My Girl actor Lee Joon-ki will be playing a Robin Hood-like character in his latest historical drama entitled Iljimae (일지매).

To be aired over the SBS network, the 20-episode drama is set during the Chosun Dynasty where a man named Ryung masquerades as a useless bully in the marketplace during the day, but goes about as a chivalrous robber at night!

Motto: 'Rob from the rich and give it to the poor!'

In true Robin Hood tradition, the character robs from the rich and corrupt Government officials to give to the poor. Known as Il Ji-mae to the masses, the robber typically leaves his calling card behind in the form of a plum tree's branch after each robbery.

The 26-year-old Joon-ki portrays the titular character with support from Han Hyo-joo, Lee Young-ah and Park Shi-hoo. The series will be aired in Korea from May 21 onwards.

The promo pics that accompany this story was taken this afternoon (May 15) in Seoul.

Cast: From left Park Shi-hoo, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Young-ah
and Lee Joon-ki

Rival: Park plays Il Ji-mae's enemy in the drama

Love triangle?: Han (left) plays Eun Chae while
Lee plays Bong soon. Both ladies vie for the
affections of Il Ji-mae

Source: DramaWiki
Pics credit: Hankooki


Photomofo said...

I really like Junki, I thought he was good in My Girl and really showed a different side in Time of dog and wolf.

I Cant wait for this show!

Mel said...

Lee Jun-Ki has a lovely face! Good Luck =^.^=

Hope the drama doesn't flunk.

rocketfuel said...

Korean dramas are becoming more like live action anime. Pretty cool stuff...not going to watch it though.

inquinn said...

oh yeay JunKi in yet another different role :) and there's Han Hyo Joo! I'm secretly hoping both would be the main, main but yeah. Eagerly waiting for the subbed episodes!

ok_jk said...


Hahaha. How do you mean that k-dramas are becoming more like live action anime? I definitely agree with you though... but how do you see the connection?

It's interesting to see how there's a recent resurgence of sageuk dramas with young uljjangs!

But this sounds a lot like Hong Gil Dong, which I must tell you, is a really good series to watch. :)


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