Thursday, 15 May 2008

Park Jung-ah promotes Frivolous Wife

Onscreen couple: Park Jung-ah (left) and Park Jin-woo
play a married couple in Frivolous Wife

Jewelry's Park Jung-ah and her co-star Park Jin-woo appeared to the press for a PC and preview of their movie Frivolous Wife yesterday.

The pair's movie, which has been collecting dust on a shelf for the past two years, is finally being dusted off and screened for the masses after Jewelry hit the jackpot by making a very successful comeback with their smash hit One More Time!

All smiles: 'It took a long time, but our movie is finally
making it to the silver screen!'

Leader of Jewelry, Park Jung-ah's appearance guarantees a taking at the box office as Korean men go gaga over the sexy (sometimes trying a little too hard) quartet. The flick, which is a family comedy about a wild college chick finally learning responsibility after marrying into a wealthy family, is set to open in Korea on May 22.

Double check: 'Hey, the preview is today, right? In my
enthusiasm, I didn't get my dates mixed up?

Thank you: 'For giving me a chance...
one more time!'

The other gems: The rest of Jewelry were there for support,
from left Ha Ju-yeon, Kim Eun-jung and Suh In-young

Pics credit: Newsen

Park Jung-ah's acting career revived
Jewelry antes up sex appeal


Anonymous said...

i like her a lot (not jewelry too much) but i don't have much faith in her acting skills! she's still a fav of mine though!

MimieJay said...

isn't that chungjae of Unstoppable Marriage? OMG! it is!!!!


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