Wednesday, 14 May 2008

TVXQ : Micky's new house & Korean Music Festival

Tell me if you like Micky in that tight orange tee

TVXQ's Micky Yoo Chun will celebrate his 22nd birthday on June 4th. What gift did he get for himself? Everyone is talking about a brand new apartment he purchased in Paragon Place, Seoul which he will move in with his mother. I bet it's in a very expensive neighbourhood. Did he really buy a place? Here are pictures of the said apartment.

The door leading to Micky's new home

Can i visit?

Micky sports the male pony tail as he
chats on
the phone near Han River, Seoul.

Xiah & Micky at the airport (returning to Seoul after one of their concerts)

TVXQ have just completed their 3rd Live Tour in Japan [T] on May 06 and are probably preparing for the much anticipated performance at the Hollywood Bowl this Saturday!

Fans in US and Canada - are you ready for TVXQ? I am sure you guys are all geared up for a chance to catch them LIVE on May 17, 2008 at the Korean Music Festival!

Are you all prepared? Have you got your red glowsticks yet? Each of the boys have a specially designed red light stick which you can purchase! Check out the sticks at YesAsia!

Whose would you buy? I'll choose Micky's of course, because he's my favourite.
TVXQ Micky's concert paraphernalia -
battery powered light stick. Get one now!

Click on the links below to view or purchase the light sticks.
Malaysian fans celebrate Micky's Birthday
2008 Korean Music Festival pics and more
DBSK and SNSD get all tangled up
TVXQ 3rd Live Tour in Japan [T]


Anonymous said...

YES I do like that bright orange on his tan skin. Some men can get away with neon colors or "feminine" colors..and he's one of them. Well actually I think many Asian men can. And I will always love the male pony tail. I didn't recognize him at first...but ack, He's looking reallly delcious. He's growing up really well. And his forehead isn't as big as his band-mates say. Anyway, the apartment looks pricey. How nice of him to have his mother stay with him. I really think they should have live webcast of future festivals for those who can't attend (I don't mind paying a small fee).

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH...I would be FAR more impressed if his door had the right SPELLING of "You're..." Ughhh...clearly either he doesn't know English or the dumb 'tard he hired to put that sign up lied about his degree in "English." I know it's a common mistake but it makes he look REALLY stupid >_< Well at least he looks good doing it >_>

Anonymous said...

Those boys works so hard
They all deserve everything they want

Anonymous said...

omg anonymous
that isnt a sign over the door thats a tag from the blog who posted it

i am so in LA; got plenty of glowsticks waiting for tvxq to arrive ^^

Anonymous said...


OoOoo...ahah okay, I see it in the 2nd picture. Whew. I dunno, I was so outraged at the utter peculiarity of posting a website above your front door I ranted first -_-;;

Grrr....probably because your vs you're is a particular pet peeve of mine.

Orchid said...

@kpop-rubba : Let us know how it goes (the Korean Music Festival) i mean. What songs do you think TVXQ will perform?

Anonymous said...

micky look all grown up and kinda hawt!!! but i think he's too skinny..he needs to eat a bit more..with the tight schedule n concerts all over japan i dont want my fave dong bang boys start to get sick and all...

dbsk hwaiting!!!!

Brian said...

all the dong bang shin ki boys are way too skinny. they work way too hard.

-XioN- said...

i likey the orange teeeeee.... :D they so skinny... nvm.. they still looking H.O.T!!! hawt... hehe

Anonymous said...

At least we know they are not being underpaid.

But seriously, these boys work well too hard. I'm always worried about them. :[

For DBSK fans attending the HB: Please show the boys how much they are loved here. Many of us can't be there to support and cheer for them so we are counting on you guys!

Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to let you know!

I think they will sing "O" because that's what they perform at most festivals and maybe "Rising Sun". I think they might throw "Purple Line" in as a surprise and perhaps a ballad... We'll have to wait and see, I just hope they get 4 songs instead of the usual 2.

chay said...

Wow. I like that picture. Hot! I'm not a fan, though.

I just wanna say, though, that whatever hairdo Rain is sporting, Mickey will have the same. I'm not saying he's copying Rain or whatever, and nothing bad about it if he does, but it's just that this is the second time it happened.

First one I remembered was the super short haircut, with the bangs, for I'm Coming. Mickey had the same one, too, except for the highlights. And now, the long hair.

It may just have been coincidence but nothing wrong with being a fan of Rain, right?

Anonymous said...

serious? Micky is a fan of Bi?

Chianz said...

ohh... ^^ ii wanna become micky's neighbour... lolx!!! I prefer micky opa in Rising Sun's hairstyle but he was sososo cute in matching with that hairstyle...

giddygirl108 said...

I am really liking the shirt on Micky ^^ If I wasn't going to be spending a year in Europe, then I would definitely go see DBSK at the Hollywood Bowl! They're so close...yet so far away TT.TT ! At least my good friend's younger sister is going to go. Lucky her!

P.S. Is it bad that I like the male ponytail?

MimieJay said...

I love the shirt but the hairstyle must go!!!! reminds me of the "Rising Sun" hairstyle.. his best hairstyle is short and neat..

i'm loving the glowstick!!! but i'm broke..LOL

and the house...*smirks* LOL

Valerie said...

he looks soo hot.
i hope he can invite us over!


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