Sunday, 25 May 2008

Rain to release 5th album in October 2008

The Korean superstar is set to release his fifth album in October 2008 and we are glad to report that it's catered for the Asian market. Whoo hoo!

The first Korean single off the album will have versions in English, Chinese and Japanese.

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After many years of churning out smash hits such as Bad Guy, Running Away from the Sun, I Do and I'm Coming with his mentor Park Jin-young, all eyes are now on Rain in his latest endeavour since he will be producing his own songs in the upcoming album.

The 26-year-old left JYP Entertainment late 2007 to establish his own talent agency J. Tune Entertainment.

A rep from J. Tune Ent said: "Rain wants to make more new attempts in this new album, therefore he has been holding the post of a producer.

"In this new album Rain will invite well-known composers to collaborate together. Rain himself will be most familiar with his own style, so he will create everything on his own--from the songs of the album to the accompanying on-stage dance choreography."

All the best, Rain. I think you'll need it. We've actually heard a track composed by the Energizer Bunny - the unimpressive Any Dream, which is Samsung Anycall's Beijing Olympics theme song.

The track lacked a hook that makes the song memorable.

Hai-yaaah!: Rain's Kung Fu Fighting

Apart from that, Bi's recording for Dreamworks' animated movie Kung Fu Panda will only be for the Asian release of the flick. For the US release, the studio went with Cee-Lo Green and actor Jack Black's version, which has more punch to it.

It's rather unfortunate that Rain's version of Kung Fu Fighting is weak and the vocals are mostly hidden behind the music, unlike his past Korean smash hits, which wonderfully displayed his deep and sexy voice. I guess he's still not familiar with the English language.

Don't believe us? Check out Rain's Kung Fu Fighting below:

Source: MyDaily with translations by dsl99a@Rain-USA & SexyBi, nicolech76@RainHK and K-popped! reader Joshua Bonfili & hackenslash
Pic credit: Indulge in Rain's World

Rain vs. B-Boys in latest Samsung Anycall CF
Rain composed Any Dream song
Bi to record theme song for Kung Fu Panda

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carina said...

was is really rejected? they never really said it was for international release, right? i thought it was just for korean/asian version of the soundtrack?

anyway, here's the philippine version of Kung Fu Fighting sung by 15 year old Sam Concepcion:

Liz said...

Oh hey yah, Carina. You are right! Rain's version is for Asia! Sorry for the wrong information.

I am tweaking the article to change the mistake. Thanks! :-)

pip said...

While I'm a fan of Rain, I noticed that he has lotsa vocals to make up for his songs. Hmm. Perhaps this song doesn't have enough to put the punch in his style.

Li-Jin said...

That's right Rain has a sexy and deep voice. He has work very hard towards stardom. He's a classical example of rags to fame. I sincerely wish for him to keep on Improving and become better.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat relevant..but last night on American PBS channel, they showed documentary called "The Slanted Screen" which was about Asian male actors in American film/tv. They basically said the same stuff we all discussed about: stereotypes, lack of roles, etc. I also agreed that white America and executives aren't comfortable with the idea of making the Asian man as the hero while the white guy is the villain. Plus, they tend to remove the sexual identity of the Asian man...he rarely is the main love interest, he's never the casanova..he just never gets the girl because he's too busy playing with numchuks, being the wise sidekick or being a nerd. Hopefully that's changing soon with the Korean celebs that are being featured in non-Asian films. Thanks.

Valerie said...

i wonder how he'll do without JYP. Rain had some awesome tracks while he was under JYP.
i'm excited though! I miss him singing! ::sigh::
I hope he has a world tour too - without the cancellations.

fraulein said...

I agree with Valerie - his collaboration with JYP produced several awesome tracks. I'm waiting with bated breath to see what style he comes up with " on his own". Hopefully it's all good = )

I am also excited about the drama they're talking about it.

Such excitement!


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