Monday, 26 May 2008

Sexy bods in summertime

As the temperature rises, it's time to peel off the layers of clothes and start showing some skin.

In fact, if you hit the gym as regularly as the stars below, go ahead and flaunt what you've got.

On this Monday morning, K-popped! presents a mini-gallery of shapely S-lines and sculpted physiques, courtesy of our beloved Korean celebrities.

Happy Monday :-P.

Jeon Ji-hyeon: All oiled up for one of her Giordano adverts

Kil Gun: Makes a comeback to the K-music scene after a one-year absence
in shiny gold body paint. Her new album is called Light of the World

Tae Yang: Strikes out with a solo album entitled HOT.
The Big Bang singer sizzles in the promo shots for the album

Rain: Spends 7 to 8 hours working out to get those rippling muscles
for his role in Ninja Assassin

Song Seung-hun & Kwon Sang-woo: Destiny buddies with
washboard abs

Bae Yong-joon: Shows off his absolutely wicked body,
a pic taken out of the pages of his 2004 photobook

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Valerie said...

woooow. i did NOT know bae young joon had that goin' on. i'm drooling all over my keyboard.

and yeah, taeyang looks really hot. he's growin' up. his solo stuff sounds good too.

i'm kind of irked by kil gun's photo. it might just be the light's reflection on the massive amounts of body oil used but her hips look sharply dented. photoshop i'm sure.

these pictures sure are steaming and oozing sex appeal though.

MimieJay said...

@valerie, same here.. i didn't know BYJ had some smexy body! he's kinda like the innocent

oh i really lovee KSW!! soo hot

Anonymous said...

I hate real muscular bodies. Out of them all I think Song Seung-hun looks the best.

Johan said...

I'll get there. I WILL get there. Someday..........

sLaVe said...

Woooo Jun Ji Hyun <3
I think Junsu's bod should be there... or at least his booty. lol


Anonymous said...

Whooooo! Kil Gun has a killer body, but what about miss Hyolee?! She has the most envied bod!

byj4ver said...

wowowowow bae yong hot.
so is song seung and kwon sang woo.

Benji said...

Yeah, what about Hyori?! These other girls are hot but Hyori has got one of the hottest bodies!

Mel said...

That is hotness right there! I need to find out their diet and workout routine!! O_o I wanna look like themmmm... ALL OF THEM...~^^


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