Friday, 27 June 2008

Miss Korea Universe Sun Lee goes to Hanoi

Leaving Ho Chi Minh City: Miss Korea Universe Sun Lee leaves for
Hanoi on a bus in this picture taken by Ines Ligron

Miss Korea Universe, Sun Lee, and the rest of the Miss Universe beauty delegates departed for Hanoi from Ho Chi Minh City on June 25.

The ladies then participated in a Night Parade in Hanoi.

Hello Hanoi!: Sun Lee joins the night parade

Trishaw ride?: Sun (left) and Miss Norway Universe
Mariann Birkedal enjoy an evening ride

Man, I didn't know there were so many activities for the beauty queens - tour of the country, frolicking at beaches, gastronomical indulgences, shopping and such. It's like a paid vacation - it must be good to be a beauty queen.

After Hanoi, the strikingly beautiful women will then journey to Ha Long Bay World Heritage site before finally stopping at Nha Trang, where the showdown takes place on July 14. Whoo hoo!

But before departing Ho Chi Minh City, the contestants charmed the masses in the Duyen Dang Ao dai (Charming Ao dai) charity fashion show.

Selected delegates sashayed down the catwalk dressed in Vietnam's traditional costume - the Ao dai. It's a beautiful two-piece ensemble of a long tunic and trousers. Sun Lee (25) took part in the fashion show as well :-). Kewl bananas!

Lovely: Sun Lee in an Ao dai

However, walking away with bragging rights for being the "Best in Ao dai" is 22-year-old Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza.

Ao dai winner: Miss Venezuela Universe in an Ao dai
designed by local designer Vo Viet Chung

Oh and guess what? Sun Lee's coach Ines Ligron predicts that Miss Venezuela will bag the Miss Universe title this year. Even Sun Lee and Hiroko Mima (Miss Japan Universe who is also being coached by Ligron) are aware of her prediction!

Check out her blog, it's in one of her comment threads.

Source: InesLigron's blog, Thanh Nien Daily
Pics credit: InesLigron's blog

Sun Lee @ the 2008 Miss Universe pageant
Sun Lee's a Korean Warrior for 2008 Miss Universe pageant
Lee Ji-seon all set for Miss Universe 2008 pageant


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I dont like that! I mean you don't say stuff like that. Hey I know I am your coach, but I want Venezueal and I am positive Venezuela to win. Thats something you keep to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I wana c upcoming pics frm ha long bay. heard its reali beautiful. dey're so lucky to be able to visit so mani places. =)

Anonymous said...

I dunno why? but Miss korea is a little bit ugly and she said (i dont have any surgery in my face), excuse me but her nose is not natural... well every miss have surgery even the pretty one and venezuela is one of the country with best surgeon (cosmetic) in south america (as i heard)

Anonymous said...

This will be a bad year for Asia but a banner year for India and South America I think.

Personally, I don't think any of the Asian countries looked good at all. Korea looks fake (I mean ps is a bit of a given for most Misses but at least have the job done right). Japan looks really bad compared to Miss Japan 2007&2006 - sometimes she looks *ahem* retarded. Thailand looked really awkward. Vietnam and Singapore are my East Asian picks but they aren't much next to India or Venezuela either.


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