Friday, 25 July 2008

Bada sexes it up

Attitude: 'Who are you callin' an ahjumma?'

Tired of being called an ahjumma (aunty) Bada has decided to sex up her image by doing away with the curly hair and really bad dress sense.

The 28-year-old thespian posted up some sassy and sexy high-fashion pics of herself at her minihompy.

In all of the photos, the former S.E.S. singer showed off her long, long legs and slender figure, probably to prove to all naysayers out there that she's got it too.

Strong thighs: The always busy Bada slips in some toning
exercises while posing

Long legs: Finding it hard to balance on her
dangerously high heels,
Bada quickly leans
against the wall

Good on you Bada, but all that charisma and style should not only be revealed during a photoshoot. We hope your future public appearances will show evidences of good style and fashion sense.

If all else fails, please try to contact Lee Hyori's stylist ;-).

Source: Sports Chosun
Pics credit: Bada's minihompy

Bada carries the Olympic torch
Bada plays Esmeralda
Elle magazine party@Grand Hyatt Hotel


Anonymous said...

Bada is a fashionista. I love how she's not afraid to try different styles. She is very unique. :)

Anonymous said...

THAT's our Bada???? Wow! I can't wait for her next video!

//Vic in San Diego

Lexy said...

Is is just me, or does she look like Sung Yuri in those photos?
Anyway, I've never seen Bada look better! I hope she stays with this sexy, classy style!

Anonymous said...

yeah, she does actually look like sung yuri! but wow! didn't know she had such killer legs! bada looks gorgeous!

jehan said...

bada i think has been concentrating on being recognized as a singer (and recently as an actress in her musical) not really as an icon of something,, and i appreciate her showing such pictures.. see, she's not at all trying hard to be something she really isnt,,, she's just being herself and dresses the way she feels most comfortable with..

i saw a picture of an actress wearing real short dress and covered her legs with a blanket when she sat down. now that actress is the one really trying too hard to be noticed..

go bada.. i love you...


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