Thursday, 17 July 2008

Is Kwon Sang-woo's girlfriend Sohn Tae-Young?

Dating?: Romance in the air for Kwon Sang-woo (left)
and Sohn Tae-young?

RUMOUR has it that heartthrob Kwon Sang-woo (32) is seeing actress Sohn Tae-young (28).

If you remembered, K-popped! carried an article where the Destiny actor talked about his personal life and was very cryptic when it came to the topic of a girlfriend.

To the question whether he has a special someone or not, he answered: "Well, I would say 'No' whether I have one or not."

And when asked if there is someone he's interested in, he instantly replied "Yes", but recovered with a "There used to be someone I wanted to marry, I used to think ‘I wanna marry that kind of girl’". (Read the whole article here).

Hmmm...Oppa, you've gotta work more on your poker face.

The latest news in the Korean press is that the oh-so eligible bachelor may not be on the market any longer.

The lucky girl in question is Sohn Tae-young, who appeared in the KBS drama I Am Sam and movie The Railroad.

We still don't know why the pair is being linked, but be assured that things will eventually come to light ;-).

Source & Pic credit: Newsen

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Orchid said...

* sob * sob*

Oh wow the news is out everywhere. Did Kwon Sang Woo oppa make a public announcement or something?

Well, a guy as good looking as that can't remain single for long.

Anonymous said...

good looking and rich!

brian said...

Juicy star gossip- this I like!

Anonymous said...


fraulein said...

Orchid & anonymous commenter #4 echoed my thoughts!

Am sad he's off the market but glad he's found someone to love. Wish there's a better pic of her, she doesnt look to good in that pic.

fraulein said...

Oops it was supposed to be " too good "

I have no doubt she looks good in person but I am dying to see better pics. I need to be convinced with proof...hehehe

fieryheart said...

Eventhough I'm a bit sad to hear this but oppa has to go one day.Plus, he's already 32 yrs old.He's old and mature enough to get married and have a family.

Now who should I replace oppa's place with?

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful. The first time I saw her was when she was in a drama with Rain. I like her.

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised he has such good taste in women:) brave of him to marry & forget about "disappointing" the legions of Hallyu fan$ in japan. if they marry, hopefully they stay married. none of the celebrity divorce crap.

fizzle said...

Not just a girlfriend, supposedly they're getting married on Sept. 28!

cymm said...

What?? Married? Oh no... sobs!

Kim said...

Oh no!

He's entitled to all the happiness of being in love, but I'm still sad. :(

Anonymous said...

Waaa they going to married in september oooh congrat!!!

ady said...

To Fizzle:
where did u find out bout ksw oppa getting married on Sept 28??? cos if tats wud totally destroy my bdae mood cos its my bdae on tat day!! NOOOOoo!! =p

Anonymous said...

They are getting married in September this year. Check out Korean Times.

alchocoholic said...

Yeah I just read about their wedding on hancinema. Kinda sudden though coz i think most people just found out about their relationship a few days ago and now they're getting hitched!

Anonymous said...

they're getting married..I can't believe it. Looks like kwon sang-woo's off the market..


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