Thursday, 17 July 2008

Jung Ryu-won goes on a diet for Mellows

Stick legs: Quick, someone call pest control,
a stick insect is on the loose!

Who's the chick with toothpicks for legs?

It's none other than My Name is Kim Sam-soon actress Jung Ryu-won. The 26-year-old went on a diet for director Song Hae-sung's new flick Mellows.

The movie is a melodrama about the love between a widower, who is an insurance investigator (portrayed by Lee Jeong-jae), and a woman who had been in a coma for a year.

Little wonder Ryu-won had to starve diet for her role. She started dieting once she was confirmed as the lead in March. Filming was scheduled to start in April this year, but it was delayed.

Poor girl, she looks like she can break into two if I body slammed her to the ground. Ah, the perils of being an actor.

Feed me!: Anyone got a carrot?

Reminisce: Ryu-won thinks about the good old days
when she was still eating

Source: Newsen & StarNews with translations at HanCinema
Pics credit: Jung Ryeo-won's Minihompy

No, Jung Ryu-won did not get married
Jung Ryeo-won to represent Koreans overseas
Jang Dong-gun and Jung Ryu-won for Giordano Korea


Valerie said...

noo way! i thought this was one of the popseoul gals! that first pic was up in a recent post of theirs because the duo is goin' separate ways. :( they were part of my daily routine along with the k-popped blog!
but dang, jung ryeo-won is a massive stick! she's really pretty but that's pretty scary. within 5 months she got down to that. that's crazy! she looked good in kim samsoon. i wasn't totally into her character because i was totally on Team Samsoon!

Gail T. said...

and she had been soo skinny before. i didn't recognize her even in the camera phone(?) pictures at the bottom. :(

coro said...

She's thin enough for a drug addict/anorec role!.. whats the need to diet more:? oh i just can't understand korean definition of skinny

lyka said...

" Ah, the perils of being a KOREAN actor."

Anonymous said...

i know! i thought this was one of the writers of pop seoul, i guess not

Anonymous said...

@valerie/anonymoud's funny people STILL think the Popseoul sisters would ever post an actual picture of themselves.... they ALWAYS post pictures of celebrities. Though in a way I guess they being deceptive and sly about it by using "selca" looking photos where the faces are obscured to make it look more "real." Also they never correct all the naive commenters wondering if it is an actual picture of them.

In any case, that's smart of them. No need to put your actual face online and in the meantime everyone thinks you look like a pretty actresses. They win.

corky said...

she looks awful
have something to eat!!!!!!!!!

itsRaining said...

i think she's anorexic, seriously!
i bet that her waist is 18 inch..

too bad for korean artists whom have 2 starve :(
(eg:rain, joo ji hoon)

daisyjane said...

AHA! Thanks for clearing that up. I actually thought the girl in the pic selca-ing is the POPSEOUL sister who's going to start Seoulbeats.

I like the short hair and dress. I think she looks fab. Legs a bit too thin though.

janeberryblue said...

puhahaha i guess everyone here visits popseoul (or did...) ^^

i've thought jung ryeo won was always anorexic since she quit chakra but that's just my opinion ._.

fieryheart said...

@ janeberryblue
Yeah.I also think that she's been anorexic all along.

I'd really like to see a director offer her a role that needs her to gain weight like Sam Soon or wear a fat suit like Kim Ah Joong.Now wouldn't that be interesting?

Al said...

I moving to K-popped! The stuff they write isn't mean, just up-to-date Korean news.

Anonymous said...

hmmm weight change usually = acting award bait. haha!

Anonymous said...

i hate it when these ANOREXIC chicks photo themselves and thinking they are all "hot". NO this is NOT hot! nor pretty. this is unhealthy and abnormal! look at what these brainless celebs teach little girls and boys. that "stick figures" and "chopstick legs" are what's supposed to be HOT! SOOO Wrong!



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