Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Uhm Jung-hwa wants Choo Sung-hoon?

Wanted: Uhm Jung-hwa (left) says that Choo Sung-hoon
is her ideal man

Korea's Madonna Uhm Jung-hwa has spoken up about the kind of man she would like to marry, and it looks like she digs sunburnt guys.

The D.I.S.C.O singer told a TV program that crispy K-1 fighter/ model Choo Sung-hoon (33) is her ideal type. Mmm hmm, she likes them younger, strong, buffed and...er, roasted :-).

The 37-year-old singer/actress also revealed that these days, she is thinking of finding the right man and settling down.

Someone, get these two together already, will ya?

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

Uhm Jung-hwa channels Madonna for DISCO
Uhm Jung-hwa and TOP do the DISCO
Choo Sung-hoon's crispy tan


Johan said...

Come on! Who wouldn't want a piece of Yoshihiro SEXYama? XD XD XD

I find it ironic that you posted this bit of news up today as it is Choo Sung Hoon's birthday today. Also, I think the guy's already taken as from what I've heard, he's dating a model, not sure if she's Japanese or Korean. I could be wrong though.

Liz said...

Oh really? It's Choo Sung-hoon's birthday today? Wah didn't know that. Happy birthday!

jehan said...

who wouldnt resist uhm jung hwa but then again, koren men now i think prefer younger women... unlike before where the men were set up to marry a woman a few years older than the man...

Anonymous said...

No way she is 39? I could have swear she was much older then that.

wawa said...

just watched UJH in seducing mr. perfect & love now back 2 back last weekend!

erm... no comment on Love Now! hahaha

miss_tree said...

saw your blog and you don't update yours, is it?
heheheheheh.. same case for me actually.

@k-popped! family..
gosh, this is my first day in k-popped! and i'm loving it.
it's a surprise to know there's a ktown in msia.
and it's so near my friend's house.
must've passed it the last time i went to ampang.

as for uhm jung hwa noona, i liked her in seducing mr perfect.
didn't know she's also a singer until a few weeks back, when i saw her d.i.s.c.o album online.
and i watched her performed in music bank last monday with the so hot T.O.P.. made me so jealous!

wawa said...

@miss_tree...hahaha! i never update my blog..i don't know what i was thinking that time when i decided to create a blog coz in the end i'm too lazy to write and update it! kekeke...


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