Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Yoon Eun Hye shows off Basic House Olympic collection

24 year-old Yoon Eun Hye is currently one of the main models for South Korean casual clothing brand Basic House. The versatile actress of extremely popular K-dramas Goong and Coffee Prince posted these pictures on her Cyworld. The photos are from her most recent Basic House photo shoot.

Notice the shirts she is modeling for the brand has a different sport represented on each. The shirts are probably in a collection to commemorate the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Along with the photos, she left this note for the Olympic athletes:

올림픽선수들을 응원하는~!!
(A cheer for the players to the Olympics!)

Yoon Eun-hye bares her midriff as
she models for Basic House casual wear

The hockey shirt
Ouch...stop punching me will ya!

Wait! Let me put this shirt on before you shoot.

Basic House is a South Korean casual clothing brand. Established in 2000, Basic House now has around 30 outlets in Korea. The Basic House Co., Ltd has four brands consisting of Basic House, Mind Bridge, Voll and The Class. They also have license to produce and market for D'urban and Speedo though subsidiary companies.

Korean's darling Yoon Eun-hye and swimmer Park Tae-hwan are main models for Basic House.

20080714pinkbunny_yooneunhye_basichouse2 cute!
Yes, i model for Basic House

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noV said...

Yoon Eunhye~!!! so cute...

tofu said...

have you seen what happened at POPSEOUL? I hope that doesn't happen to you guys. You seem like good friends.

JEN said...

thanks for posting this kpopped.
i always look forward to all of your Yooun Eun Hye updates.

YEH is so adorable.

Nozomi said...

In the first pic it look slike her belly button was pierced at one time. those pics are cute

Photomofo said...

that might actually be TOO cute.


Gail T. said...

@ tofu, i was scared too, and wanted to check in on my favorite k-pop site. you k-popped sisters are very cool and informative and respectful. hope you stay that way and continue to do journalism right. :D

i had a hard time figuring out half of the sports in the shirts... and i call myself an olympic games fan. hahaha.

i got into the whole yoon eun hye-kim jong kook xman pairing just recently. i know, i'm slow. they are so cute. i hope i read good romance news on them on k-popped soon.

kimchi kiss <3!

tofu said...

those are very cute pictures but are her eyebrows different from each other other?

Anonymous said...

the last one is a lot like moon geun yeung back in the day!

Orchid said...

@tofu, thanks for the info! as soon as i read your comment, i went to POPSEOUL to read the news. :-O

I'm very shocked to hear it.

@Gail T...actually i'm slow too. I just watched Coffee Prince! So now u guys might get more news on YEH...if there's any.

Hmmm...Kim Jong Kook and YEH pairing, yeah heard about that. It was sort of a scandal or something but she claims that they are friends?

Some quotes from YEH abt the men she has worked with here

Orchid said...

@Gail. Thanks for the compliment. We'll try our best. :-D

Liz said...

@tofu, Gail. T, Thanks for the kind words :-)

Like Orchid said, we will definitely try out best to keep sharing the Hallyu news with you guys.

Yeah, I'm surprised at what happened at POPSEOUL too.

Anonymous said...

The last photo actually suits her best! Her rabbit teeth actually looks good with that outfit!

Al said...

Boo! What are you doing Eun Hye noona? Don't support China.

Orchid said...

@jen. Thanks for sending us the pics. =)

wawa said...

weeee....she looks adoranble in those pictures!!!!

rh said...

she is soooo adorable and lovable. <3


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