Monday, 28 July 2008

K-popped!'s Nintendo Wii experience

Fun!: Won Bin (left) at the launch of the Nintendo Wii
in South Korea in April 2008

When Won Bin was at the South Korea launch of the Nintendo Wii (pronounced 'we') in April this year, he looked like he was having fun, so much so that I wanted a go at the Wii too.

Back then, I also wrote about missing a Wii party my friend organised. In the entry, I said that if another Wii party came about, I would jump at the opportunity.

Lo and behold, K-popped!'s friend Darke decided to hold a Wii Fit Party on Saturday. Whoo hoo - play time!

Eager beavers: Orchid and Liz arrive at Darke's
house for the Wii Fit Party!

Orchid and I arrived at Darke's house all set to try out the Wii. For starters, Darke decided to give us something "easy" (yeah, right), which turned out to be long distance running! Geez, were we duped or what? :-P.

Wii ready: All set for some exercise and fun!

It's a race: Liz and Orchid trying to outrun each
other in the long distance run

So there we were - Orchid and I - running in place, the Wii Remote in hand, panting like dogs and our friends cheering us on. The supposedly leisurely jog turned into a race and my Mii (your personal avatar for the game) stumbled and fell a couple of times - ouch!

After outrunning Orchid, I tried Rhythm Boxing and went up against a punching bag. There I was doing the jab, right cross and left hook with Orchid instructing me to "Put your shoulder into it!"

Uh-huh, the advice kind of worked because I destroyed the Punching Bag - one of its "arms" broke into two and fell off - and the Punching Bag was smokin'. Heee-yah, take that!

Soccer & Punch: Orchid tries to head the football into the goal (above)
while I released some pent-up anger in Rhythm Boxing (below)

Meanwhile, Orchid who finally recovered from eating my dust in the long distance race (tee hee hee) decided to play some football/soccer. She had to head footballs into the goal.

After all that prancing about, the gang adjourned for a calorie-rich lunch before continuing with another session of calorie-incinerating Wii games :-P.

Food!: Hey, we're *cough* youngsters who love our fast food

Dessert #1: Mmm...freshly-baked Cherry Muffins
were served for our 1st dessert...

Dessert #2: There were doughnuts too, but we were all
too stuffed to indulge in them!

New friend: Meet Nico the cuddly-wuddly cat!

Orchid revealed: Isn't she as pretty as a flower? :-P

Have you tried the Nintendo Wii? I personally got a good exercise, especially with Rhythm Boxing as my muscles were sore the next day :-).

Darke, when's the next Wii Fit party? Hee hee....

Wii Fit Step: 'Left...uh, right...uh...duh'

Won Bin endorses Nintendo Wii


Anonymous said...

Eager Beavers ~ your slippers are so cute. ♥

Maxim Reader said...

Trust me...this is a fun party. I was there also ;-)

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the Wii Fit? I looked all around the Yongsan electronics market area this weekend and nobody had one. The standard answer was, "They're not in Korea."

Liz said...

Hello 2nd anonymous, we are not in Korea. We are in Malaysia, so I guess the people at the store are right.

Orchid said...

@anonymous...if you want to purchase Wii Fit stuff, why not try Amazon.

We played with Wii Fit using the balance board. Check out these cool items...

Wii Fit by Nintendo

Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board (Blue Silicon Skin Cover Sleeve Anti-slip Pad)

Official Nintendo Wii Wheel

We Ski
Mario Kart for Nintendo Wii


gym junkie said...

Wow, you both look quite fit! You must use this Wii Fit a lot, right?

-XioN- said...

woah.. u guys got the Wii fit.. jeles.. >.< haha. keep fit ooo... :D
anyway.. u guys will be in MAA??

Anonymous said...

JCo~~~i'm more interested in the donuts~~~~hahahah.....but i prefer tiramisu one......hmn......

sheen said...

your cat is adorable!!!

Orchidyaldix said...

oohhhh cool!!
looks like you had loads of fun!!!
you ate nice things hahaha
unhelthy but what the heck!! hehehehe
and got to cuddle that awesome cat!!!! yeap...that kitty was soooo cute :)
thanx for sharing your experience :D

wawa said...

wow, that looks fun! i think i should have one since i'm super duper lazy to go out from the house for an exercise! hahahahaha....

all the food is so nyummy-nyummy! & i'm fasting today... ::drooling::

Liz said...

Hi all, just to clarify things. We don't own a Wii was a party held at our friend's house :-).

Oh, and that means the cat isn't ours as well :-).

Valerie said...

omg! nintendo wii is super fun! and a total workout too! did you guys try wii sports? you get a total workout from wii boxing. your arms get really soar in the first round alone!

ooh. and look at all the super yummy food! screw the wii. i'm diggin' in! jk!

Babyboss Pictures said...

Your friend's house looks very nice and his TV / hifi set seem very "expensive". Food looks sumptous too!

Johan said...

LOL! I've got a Wii at my house too. At the moment, am enjoying my time playing Super Smash Bros Brawl and also Mario Kart Wii, both really fun games. For the next Wii Party you guys have, maybe you should try out Mario Party 8, excellent fun among your friends with all sorts of cool mini-games! XD XD XD


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