Monday, 28 July 2008

Lee Min-woo celebrates 30th birthday with fans

Make a wish: 'I wish I was the cutest mushroom head around!'

Wow, K-popdom sure had a busy weekend. First there was the Wonder Girls' fan meeting, and then there was Rain's Summer Vacation fan meet.

Apart from that, M or Lee Min-woo celebrated his birthday with fans at the Kwangwoon University's main hall in Seoul on July 27!

Torture: Birthday boy drinks something nasty

It is reported that the Shinhwa member celebrated his 30th birthday. I guess they are counting it the Korean/Chinese style of being "one year older" than you actually are since M was born in 1979 (July 28).

Is the tung ku tau (mushroom head) hairstyle making a comeback? M reminds me of Bi in the first two pictures. Is cute - as opposed to hunky - the in thing right now? Ugh...too cute.

M will be dropping his 4th album mid-August and a concert will be held on Aug 23 at the Seoul Olympic Park in conjunction with its release.

Happy birthday, M! Oh yes, must practice Korean 생일 축하합니다, 민우씨!

Love ya: M makes sure he doesn't mess up his
hair while doing the 'saranghae' gesture

Sword action: 'Yeah, lemme show you,
it's quite long, actually.'

Friends: Shinhwa buddy Kim Dong-wan (left)
shares a joke

Rihanna wannabe?: 'Come under my

Source & Pics credit: Newsen


Anonymous said...

Maybe Korean men decided to go green and do away with hair gel...

itsRaining said...

is there a mushroom-hair-trend in korea nowadays??
suh in young, taemin, lee minwoo, RAIN...

i just can stand this kind of hair!

Anonymous said...

that's one creepy image/picture for a 30 year old.. seriously fugly.

Valerie said...

wah. 30 already. i remember reading news and seeing pictures from his birthday fanmeeting last year. still lookin' good minu! still smokin' hot with that mushroom cut.
ooh! i see underwear peaking out in that saranghae picture!

Anonymous said...

why was minwoo sporting such hairstyle? gosh! he's 30 and it doesn't suit him.

minwoo, please leave it to SHINee... ^^;

noV said...

he always look so ugly & short...

4everShinhwaFan said...

hey plz don attack him^^
he is the best dancer among Shinhwa!
if he is no good enough definitely won b in Shinhwa til this day


Anonymous said...

Why the hell are you guys badmouthing him? What does his age have to do with anything? He looks sooo cute and HOT.

If you guys don't like it, then don't reply on here.



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