Monday, 28 July 2008

Sohee is too young for sexy Beyoncé moves

Sohee not so innocent anymore

It was a weekend of fan meetings. Rain met with his fans at the Summer Vacation with Rain meet, while Wonder Girls had a fan meeting of their own on the 26 July 2008 at Seoul's Kwangwoon University at 7pm.

Wonder Girls fan meeting at Kwangwoon University hall

At the fan meeting, each of the girls treated fans with a solo performance. Netizens and reporters alike are talking about Sohee's performance the most.

Barely out of high-school, 16 year-old Ahn So Hee wore an ultra short pink dress and danced sexy Beyoncé moves for her number
. But hey, the real Beyoncé wouldn't be wearing that shirt under that dress.

Sohee dresses like Beyoncé

Sohee attempts to dance like Beyoncé

Sohee out of her element

Don't be in such a hurry to grow up Sohee. I would much rather see you in your trademark cute girly look.

Sohee's trademark look: cute

What the other girls did for their solo number...

Yoo Bin did a hip hop number

Sun Mi wore hammer time pants - just like JYP

Yeh Eun on the piano

Seon Yeh dancing

Wonder Girls in their telly tubby costumes

Pics credit: Newsen, Yahoo! Korea


saranghaex3 said...

do you happen to have a video of yeeun? because the video on youtube only has sunye, sohee, sunmi, and yoobin :(

noV said...

Korean fans are s lucky...

Valerie said...

wow. our little mandoo is growing up into a little vixen! ooh! and i see her 'omona' face! i will never get tired of 'tell me.'
Ye Eun looks really pretty in that picture behind the piano. She looks older there.
ooh! i must search youtube for these videos now! exciting.

Anonymous said...

so hee is TRYING TOO HARD TO look sexy and since last year she always wearing too sexy skirt.


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