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Lee Seon Gyun (이선균)

When i wanted to do a profile of Coffee Prince's Choi Han Seong - actor Lee Seon Gyun, i couldn't find any information on him in English! He isn't even on Wikipedia. Anyway, this is probably one of the few profiles of him in English, thanks to K-popped!'s reader and friend Joe Gimm.

This low-keyed actor has a rich deep voice that you would notice immediately. Lee Seon Gyun is currently in the drama My Sweet Seoul (달콤한 나의 도시). From an unknown he shot to fame in his role in the 2007 MBC hit drama Coffee Prince in which he plays a patient and sensitive music director.

33 year-old Lee Seon Gyun made his debut in 2001 via a musical 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'. He also started to act minor roles in films from that year onwards. His most memorable TV appearance was 'Loveholic:러브홀릭' in 2005.

It may be that producers have taken note of that deep rich baritone of his and resulted in him singing the title song of his current drama My Sweet Seoul.

Lee Seon Gyun is married to actress Jun Hye Jin.

Let's get to know this very private actor.

Date of birth
: 02 March 1975

Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
: Seoul Unification Arts Institute (Acting major)


  • My Sweet Seoul (2008)
  • The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)
  • White Tower (2007)
  • Fugitive Lee Doo Young (2006)
  • Loveholic (2005)
  • Drama City (2005)
  • Thousand Years of Love (2003)

  • Night and Day
  • I Feel Lucky (2008)
  • Our Town (2007)
  • The Customer is King (2006)
  • The Brutal Working Life (2006)
  • Apple (2005)
  • Hitch Hiking (2004)
  • Priest Lessons (2004)
  • Mermaid Princess (2004)
  • R Point (2004)
  • Show Show Show (2003)
  • The Scent of Chrysanthemums (2003)
  • How to Please Your Boss (2002)
  • If You Know a Good Person, Please Introduce to Me (2002)
  • Run First (2002)
  • Surprise (2002)
  • Psycho Drama (2000)


Anonymous said...

he's "wikied": Lee Sun Gyun. The fact that we keep using (and mixing) different systems of romanisation doesn't help...

PrincelyLuna said...

few more films he had acted in are:

The Perfect Match (very small role, you'll hardly notice him!!)
A Cruel Attendance
Night and Day (i think this is his latest movie)

and he's also one of the main characters in the drama Taerung National Village.

Gail T. said...

is he seeing that actress born in 1988, since she was 15?! (i find it kinda weird that for this really underrated actor, the first thing i'm commenting on is his gf. sorry, can't help it. i'm a gossip.)

Anonymous said...

He also appeared in "Educating Kidnappers" movie. The same title for "A cruel Attendance", along side Kim Su-Ro & Go Eun-ah.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for more info on him. Watching MSS atm and it's nice to know him some more.

BTW, he also has a blink-and-miss appearence in Make It Big where KSW and SSH beat him up in the classroom. They are all very young and it's a delight to watch them interact (before the beating begins :P)

비비안 said...

Thanks for informing more about Lee Seon Gyun...

I am dying to know him more~~

Thanks for the info

kamsa hamnida ^^

Anonymous said...

isn't he seeing jung ryeo won?

Anonymous said...

yeah, seriously. he's been seeing a 20yr old since she was 15?? something seems off about that one.

Anonymous said...

its a different girl. Jun Hye Jin is a common name. I think he dates the lady from I'm sorry I love you. The actress who plays the slow sister.

Anna said...

he's also in the movie...

Romantic Island

(: it's sweet.

Anonymous said...

do you know who he was in RHPS? I'm trying to imagine him as the characters and can't wrap my brain around it. lol.


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