Sunday, 27 July 2008

Rain's Summer Vacation fan meeting in Seoul

Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) finally gave his local fans a treat after one (long) year, being busy in the States and Berlin filming and promoting his Hollywood movies. The fan meeting was held on 27 July 2008, 3pm at the Seoul Olympic park - only days after Bi returned from Comic Con in San Diego.

It has been one whole year since Rain met with his fans in South Korea.
The fan meeting dubbed "Summer Vacation with Rain" had 3,000 fans (half were over-seas fans) spending time with World Star Rain. Fans traveled from Japan, China and Hong Kong to see their favourite Korean star in person.

Rain magically showed fans cool dance moves
at the fan meet.
Now you see my underwear... you don't

The meeting was hosted by Rain's good friend Kim Jae Dong.

Host Kim Jae Dong shares a joke with fans.
Bi and Kim wore matching shirts.

Rain, who is currently working on a new album (but is yet to be released) sang his old songs...such as "Running Away from the Sun". At the meeting, Rain dropped news on his new album which will be released this October.

Watch out for my new album ok?
It's coming out in October 2008.

Bi was delighted to meet with his fans back home once again and he was greeted with screams of appreciation. "오빠 사랑해요" (Oppa, saranghaeyo - Oppa, I love you!) and chereographed cheers prepared by fans could be heard all though out the meeting. This is how much the fans love their idol.

One amazing fact about this particular world star is that he attracts fans from all ages. Teenagers as well as grannies love 우리 비.

3000 fans at the Summer Vacation with Rain fan meeting

Fans - old and young, queuing to get
into the Olympic
stadium for the meeting

Were you there? Tell us about it!

Pics credit: Newsen, StarNews

Rain at the 2008 Comic Con
Summer Vacation with Rain - fan meeting
TRIVIA : Bloody, scary picture
Rain and his Samsung phone get Forbes mention


fraulein said...

Wow Orchid, this post was fast !

; )

Anonymous said...

with that hair he looks like the 6th member of SHINee

shinta said...

I wasn't there..But its a good thing he did that..Hope there'll be more of this..

Anonymous said...

Obviously Rain still can't speak English. Check out his interview on Movieweb at the Comic-Con 2008. Disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I was there. I was also at the Japan fanmeet in June 2008. The Korean fanmeet was MUCH better.


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