Monday, 7 July 2008

Oh Ji-ho and Daniel Henney play basketball

Team mates: Oh Ji-ho (left) and Jo Dong-hyuk
having a really good time

Oh Ji-ho (Single Papa in Love), Daniel Henney (My Father) and Jo Dong-hyuk (Likeable or Not) sweated it out on the basketball court on July 6.

The guys appeared at the EA NBA Madness Slam Dunk contest.

All three men seemed very could be they played a really good game, or they are extremely glad to be in the company of the sexy Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders ;-). Here are some shots of the blokes...and cheerleaders.

Oh snap!: Daniel Henney checks out the
cheerleaders :-P

Step up: 'Let me show you how the game
is played.'

Mindset: Oh Ji-ho takes aim...

...and scores!

Scores too: Not to be outdone is
Jo Dong-hyuk

Cheering: Rah! rah! rah! Sis! Boom! Bah!

Still cheering: Rah! rah! rah! -- you get the idea ;-)

Source & Pics credit: Newsen


Orchid said...

I think Daniel Henney is quite good at basketball. He showed off his skills in My Lovely Samsoon too!

Valerie said...

omg! triple hottie alert! ::melts:: they're all sooo handsome. i wouldn't mind playing one-on-one bball with them. hehe.
i see daniel reppin' the lakers jersey! woot woot! even though they lost. boo!

they're great actors as well. well, i've only seen jo dong hyuk in 'the intimate' but still. he's super dashing.

is oh ji-ho mixed? he could pass as filipino. or polynesian or somethin. and ugh. look at those dimples! ::melts again::
funny captions as always! he probably took the shot but totally missed as he got distracted by the Mavs cheerleaders. hehe.

Liz said...

Hi valerie, Yeah, I think Oh Ji-ho looks mixed too :-). But don't know for sure whether he is...maybe somewhere along the ancestral lines :-)


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