Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Rain and his Samsung phone get Forbes mention

The Energizer Bunny gets a mention in a article about how mobile phone companies are using star power to hawk their products.

Brand ambassador: Rain represents Samsung in the
Chinese-speaking territories of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Brand ambassadors for mobile phones are very common these days and Rain is mentioned in his role as Samsung's "Olympic brand ambassador".

Here is the list of celebrities -- along with the brand they endorse and the region(s) covered -- as reported in the picture story entitled 10 Celebs and their Cells:
  1. Maria Sharapova - Sony Ericsson (Global)
  2. David Beckham - Motorola RAZR2 (Global)
  3. Danica Patrick - Motorola (North America)
  4. Shah Rukh Khan - Nokia (India)
  5. Abhishek Bachchan - Motorola (India)
  6. Aamir Khan - Samsung (India)
  7. Usher - Sony Ericsson music phones (North America)
  8. Fergie - Motorola ROKR (Global)
  9. Rain - Samsung (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
  10. Andy Lau - LG Shine (Hong Kong)
Do you see your favourite star(s) and are you using the brand s/he is endorsing? ;-)


More on Rain!


shinta said...

Wow I'm sooo happy for Rain..that's more publicity for him! Though I don't use samsung, I can think over buying it if my phone Wooh! Way to go Rain!

JoongiesGirl said...

Yay for Rain!!
I laugh at my self for knowing all the celeberties endorsing for Asian countries...Andy Lau, Sharukh khan, etc xDD

Anonymous said...

Samsung got Rain this time around because he is WELL-KNOWN in those regions. He'll never cut it in Korea where he's a never-seen has-been.

I know people who bought the Samsung phones endorsed by Rain. Their verdict? "Low-end phone".

jas said...

^anon, you are funny ad not in a good way.

I may understand never-seen, but a has-been? psshh..

fraulein said...

@ anonymous,

It IS a low end phone. The manufacturers are using Bi to endorse it in order to sell more sets before it hits its EOL (end of life) stage.

shinta said...


Yeah they won't get Rain to do it for Korea coz duh, Samsung is from Korea..They can use any never-heard star for that..


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