Monday, 4 August 2008

Lee Hana sustains injury while filming Women of the Sun

Before you get upset, it's a minor injury, friends. She's alright.

Korean actress Lee Hana, who is currently entertaining the masses (including my Mom) with the very engaging Women of the Sun drama, sustained a cut under her eye during a recent shoot.

Pretty peepers: 'See, my eyes are OK ;-). No worries.'

Lee, who plays a personal shopping assistant in the KBS drama, was reportedly scratched by a shopping bag. The 26-year-old actress was taken to the hospital for treatment, and has continued with filming. The 20-episode series is drawing to an end soon.

In an interview, Lee told reporters that Women of the Sun is very special to her as it has enabled her to show viewers a completely different side of herself. (Lee usually plays bubbly characters.)

Women of the Sun cast: From left Han Jae-suk, Lee Ha-na,
Kim Ji-soo & Jung Gyu-woon

In the series, Lee plays Sa-wol/ Ji-young - a victim of her adopted elder sister's jealousy. Sa-wol is abandoned by her elder sister, Do-young (Kim Ji-soo), when she was five. Sa-wol then grows up in an orphanage while Do-young lives a life of luxury and becomes a popular TV announcer.

As fate would have it, their paths cross and things get complicated since Do-young is doing all it takes to prevent her parents and Sa-wol from finding out the truth.

Women of the Sun is currently airing in Malaysia on KBS World (Astro channel 303). It's on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm.

Source: KBS Global
Pic credit: Newsen


heather said...

"scratched by a shopping bag" ... seriously, the reasons behind why korean stars makes the news by being hospitalized is seriously ridiculous... i can understand the "extreme fatigue" but the rest are just "super diva"-like excuses.

Anonymous said...


"scratched by a shopping bag"

I don't know why she needs to go to the hospital for a scratch. That is so exaggerated!

I remember getting hit by soccer ball in the eye and it only broke my glasses and the broken rim scratched just above my eye. It wasn't serious, I just put a band-aid on.

This reminds of a video, you should watch it:

Nie said...

lol at least it wasnt serious
but its funny how they ade a big deal of it lol

this drama is so good!!
Im like waiting for ep 16
its getting better and better
since the beggining to end
who ever hasnt watch it I recommend

ecarg0325 said...

i'm almost done watching this drama. it's pretty entertaining even though they drag out the ending. the best part is the clothes.

meiruo_chan said...

Yep...this is like one of the worth watching korean dramas. great casts and plot. It's hard to hate one of the characters here except for Dong Woo. I mean they have their own reason for being like that, right?

bri@n said...

She looks like eva popiel in that first pic.


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