Sunday, 10 August 2008

Marine Boy Park Tae Hwan wins gold

South Korea's "Marine Boy" - the 18 year-old Park Tae Hwan (박태환) won the gold medal in the men's 400 meter freestyle on Sunday, 10 August at the Beijing Olympics.

Sweet victory for South Korea's Park

Park clocked 3:41:86 for the win.

Park Tae Hwan (center) and his gold medal

Thousands have been flooding his Cyworld to wish him congratulatory messages. More than 80,000 messages and increasing super fast.

Here's how to go to his Cyworld if you want to leave him your message, or to take a peak.

  1. Go to Park Tae-hwan's Cyworld mini hompy:

  2. You will see the screen below. Don't click on the orange box, but click on the link illustrated below.
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  3. And you're in! The Marine Boy's cyworld.
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Update 12 Aug, 2008 @ 10:20am:
Park Tae Hwan just won silver for the 200m freestyle. Michael Phelps from USA won the gold.

Park Tae Hwan and his 200m freestyle Olympic silver medal.
Michael Phelps from USA won the gold medal.
Peter Vanderkaay (US) took home the bronze.
[AP Photo]

Source & Pic credits: MyDaily

Screen shots by Orchid


crystal said...

i checked out his cyworld...~~
there are already 800,000 hits today!!!
congratulations Tae Huan..!

happysheen said...

he's pretty cool :)

Chelsea said...

right before this event, snsd's girls' generation started playing in the background at the olympic stadium. i thought that was pretty cool.

go park tae hwan! `;D

xbaby said...

Yey to him :)
They mentioned that when he was 14 he was DQ for jumping into the water too early, now he doesn't have to be embarrassed :)

jojo said...

now the question is: "will he marry yoobin?" as he said before the olympics? i certainly doubt about it...

Valerie said...

congrats to him! i watched this last night. they were talking about how at the last olympics he dived in too early and got disqualified. he definitely deserved it.

Anonymous said...

This is especially cute because the US says its a Cinderella story - a DQ (apparently he false started so he didn't even get to swim a stroke and cried for 2 hours in the bathroom) to an Olympic gold at 18 years old (US years). Also, he had a rough time of it b/c his mom got cancer and his dad lost his business when he was 9-ish.... definitely a Cinderella story ^_^

Also, Ian Thorpe (Australian LEGEND!!) was watching the event and said he knew Park would win b/c of the way he swam. Such an awesome compliment from a world-record holder :) I feel kinda bad for Hackett though -_- I can't believe he underperformed so much.

miss_tree said...

why am i feeling proud?
he's not even a malaysian.


dae han min guk!!

Anonymous said...

This is not only a gold for Korea but the first medal of any color ever won by Korea in the pool!

wawa said...

i watched it yesterday, yay! although i'm not a korean but WE ARE ASIAN!!!!


Liz said...

Congratulations Tae Hwan! What a sweet victory after all that hoo hah over the previous Olympics.

아자 아자!

-XioN- said...

congratssss... 대한민국!!!
haha... sooo farny not supporting own country but others.. haha.. oh well.. :D
anyway.. how do u sign up for cyworld???? me dun understandd.. haha

brendA. said...

he's cute!!
what does the orange button say?

W-Holic said...

Park Taehwan is cool cute!! His ads are all over S.Korea!! Too bad he was born in September 1989!! Too young for me... HAHhaa...

~ He can be an actor or model after he stops swimming ;) Don't you agree??

Have you seen Choi Minho the Korean Judo Gold Olympian? He is sooo cute tooo!!! I was watching an interview of him (post competition) he was sooo innocent and sweet!!!

Orchid said...

Update 12 Aug, 2008 @ 10:20am:
Park Tae Hwan just won silver for the 200m freestyle. Michael Phelps from USA won the gold.

fraulein said...

Well done and a big pat on the back to Park. It's a shame he still cannot beat that torpedo of a swim monster Phelps but here's to putting S Korea on the world map for swimming !

I'm looking forward to his pet event, 1500M. Go get 'em!

And why Yoobin? I thought he was linked to Sun Ye? The WG share boyfriends? LOL.

Does he train in Korea, in the States or elswhere?

Rose said...

U should hv Datok Lee Chong Wei tribute also.

LEE SAERA said...


Anonymous said...

Tae Hwan :DD

He shot a cf with Korean figure skater Kim Yu-Na too (ah-dorable :))


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