Thursday, 4 September 2008

Filming 'The World They Live In' - in Singapore!

Two huge South Korean stars are in Singapore right now, filming their new drama The World They Live In. Yes, the petite and beautiful Song Hye Kyo (of Full House fame) and dreamy Hyun Bin (My Lovely Samsoon) stars are in S'pore!

SHK and Hyun Bin's visit to Singapore is strictly for filming purposes and not a publicity stint. Thus, their visit is kept at a very low profile. Nevertheless, I am here in Malaysia, and feelin' very excited. Singaporean readers, i bet you guys are excited too! There have been reports that the filming crew has been spotted at Raffles Place and Clarke Quay.

Song Hye Kyo chopped off her long locks and is indeed sporting a short bob.

K-popped! reader Finnhuang was lucky to get close enough and managed to take a peak at Hyun Bin on a ciggy break. If you have an experience, do share it with us and the rest of SHK and Binny fans.

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Song Hye Kyo walking aimlessly in Singapore -
what could the plot in
The World They Live In be about?

That's Hyun Bin in the pink shirt and jeans
[Pic from Hanfever]

[Pic from Hanfever]



Mambo said...

Song Hye Kyo looks adorable. :)

Twreckx said...

Lots of skin-tight, butt-hugging goodness going on in them white pants (trousers). Rowr!

Liz said...

ha ha twreckx you're funny.

ana said...

why did she chop down her lovely long hair?? i like her in long hair but it's forgiven since she looks cute in short hair.

Rose said...

Well, at least I have seen them both when they came to Malaysia last time.

Sean blog said...

Hey peoples!!!! I got something nice that would like to inform u guys since u guys are interested in korean actor/actress.On 6 sept, i was inform to be a extra for a shoot for this movie ‘the world they live in’ and the actor/actresses you guys are interested in was there! As i don’t really watch korean dramas, i don’ know who they were. But i manage to take some shot of yu bing backview and song hui qiao. I also took a picture with 2 korean actor. They are filming at singapore airport T2.

I will be uploading all the pictures in my blog tomorrow.

Sean blog said...

I am done with all the pictures! Go take a look! I wonder who are those actor and actreses!


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