Monday, 6 October 2008

DBSK play with fire at the Asia Song Festival

Being the 'gods' that they are, DBSK's Hero got really angry with Xiah Junsu for stealing the limelight on stage and subsequently used his super powers to ZAP! Xiah with fire. Muahahahaha...

Nah...that's DBSK performing MIROTIC at the Asia Song Festival on Oct 4th at the Seoul World Cup stadium. Pyrotechnics were used at the concert hence the ultra cool (or should i say hot!) photo.

Pic credit: Newsen

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Anonymous said...

ahh - the picture isn't working!

Orchid said...

@anonymous...yeah you are right! Sigh. It's fixed now though. Thanks! =)

Dottie said...

The boys have been EVERYWHERE in the last week and everyone is terribly sick... There's imagine of Micky in black and white where he's sitting down for a break during taping and it's just heartbreaking to see...

TVXQ Hwaiting!

Orchid said...

@Dottie, are you a TVXQ fan?


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