Sunday, 5 October 2008

Song Hye Kyo in a sexy dress at PIFF

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Song Hye Kyo made a statement at the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) press conference of her film Make Yourself at Home in a sexy silver low backed dress. She wore black leggings and booties with the dress. The petite 27 year old actress is slowly revealing a sexier image.

The Korean-American joint production psychological thriller is Song Hye Kyo's first English movie.

Song Hye Kyo with the cast of Make Yourself at Home
and director Sohn Su-beom

Song and a poster of her in the movie where she plays Sookhy

Source and pics credit: Newsen

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april said...

hmm.. she is one of the actress who didn't bare her body too much. and i really respect that. in fact, she's very pretty.

boo said...

yeah..she is pretty :)

MiMi said...

That outfit is so horrible. Those opaque stockings...yuck! and the dress looks homemade.

She has absolutely NO BUTT!

fraulein said...

She grew out her hair so quickly? Just weeks ago, she was spotting a bob and how it has reached shoulder length.

Anonymous said...

i dont think she's ll that.
I still think she's overrated.

Orchid said...

@fraulein, i think that's a wig. Celebs do that a lot - use wigs to create different looks.


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