Sunday, 19 October 2008

RAINISM is out!

Yes, Rain's 5th album music videos, stage performances and a slew of promo activities are out on YouTube!

All you have to do is go to YouTube and type "Rainism" (레이니즘). There will be pages and pages of videos for you to choose from. I just spent the entire morning viewing Rain's endless. I say, Rain has been (and still is) very busy promoting his 5th album. He must be on stage or appearing in talk shows 50% of his time now! When does the man sleep?!

To make it easier for those who don't want to sieve through all the videos, here's a list of YouTube links of Rain footage. Be sure to click on "watch in high quality" at the bottom right of the viewing window for a better experience. Some of the videos have that option.

Thanks to those who posted the videos.

Me.Rain.Dance (나. 비. 춤.) (Broadcast on 17.10.08, pre-recorded on 10.10.08)
The long awaiting 5th album comeback show. You need to watch the title track Rainism and the much talked about Bad Guy tango dance with Kim Sun-ah. Only You is * yawn * forgettable. Fresh Woman is fun and very MC Mong-ish. Oh ya, don't forget to watch It's Raining for a new twist on the ultimate Rain song.

My Secret Dance Teacher (Rain & Kim Su-nah Special)
Go behind-the-scenes and see how Rain taught Kim Su-nah the Bad Guy tango steps. They also became friends and enjoyed spending time together.

MBC Music Core 18.10.08 - Rainism and Love Story
Rain wears his Rainism 3-piece suit in blue and dances to the beat of Rainism on Music Core. He also performs the R&B ballad Love Story with a pianist and a group of violinists in the background.

Rainism MV Full Version

Here i leave you with Rain's Bad Guy Tango version featuring Kim Sun-ah

Rain introduces fashion brand SIX TO FIVE
Is Kim Sun-ah Rain's trump card or something more?
Rainism released in Malaysia on Oct 16
Why did Rain choose Kim Suna as his dance partner?
Rain's 5th album showcase - Me.Rain.Dance!
Rain's 5th album pics


Robyn said...

I don't like Rain but the tango dance with Kim Sun Ah was very cool...she was fabulous. She was cute in the behind-the-scenes clips too. Thanks for posting the video links!

Orchid said...

Hi Robyn, yeah i wish i could dance like that with only 2-week training and practice. Rain must be a good teacher. =)

fraulein said...

Great summary, thanks!

f said...

Make up and styling can do wonders! I heart KSA but I also have to be realistic (she isn't as pretty as some of her plastic fantastique peers). In that appearance, she looked the part of a femme fatale, all thanks to great make up and styling.

I dun know if anyone shares my view but I think the idea was conceived to please and appeal to Bi's predominantly noona fans. If he can hang out with an older woman by six yrs and have such chemistry, noonas " got hope!"
Sad and pathetic but true

Liz said...

Kim Sunah is such a sport. She's KEWL!

Anonymous said...

Unless you're a fan, there's really nothing to shout about here. Poor Rain...good luck.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it glad he's back !!!

shinta said...

Thanks for the links k-popped..

Orchid said...

Can someone provide the translation for Rain & Kim Su Nah's online messaging exchange? Rain tricked Kim Su Nah right? But i don't know what exactly was it.


Anonymous said...

The chatting conversation

"Dance instructor logs in"

(instructor)Rain: Did you arrive safely?
(student)Sun ah: I'm not sure if i can do well, sir.
::Rain slowly typing, responding to her::

sun ah: anyway,thank's(whispers:"why does he reply so slow)
Rain:I'm sorry,i can't type that fast.
Sun ah:smiles
Sun ah: You're very slowwwwwww.
Sun ah: Of all the person,why choose me?
Sun ah:There are so many actresses around,why chose me?
Rain: Later (more like 'i'll tell u later)
Sun ah:What?
Sun ah: what?
Rain:Because you are the best and pretty.(prettiest)
Sun ah:Then,meet me(date)
Rain:That was a joke.................
Sun ah: A joke? wt
Rain: sleep well
Sun ah: sleep? have to answer me!
::Instructor logs off::


Orchid said...

@anonymous...thanks for the quick response. This Rain so jahat (naughty)~ playing a fool with KSA.

How come she is in a van typing on a laptop?


Any idea if there's a version of the videos with subs out there?

iRAIN said...

OHMYGODDD, I'm panicking now!!! Haven't read all comments here, just SO HAPPY to get the links from you K-Popped!!! WOohhooo, RAIN RAIN!!!(yeyeye laugh at me)BUT OHHHH RAIIIIIIIIIIINNNNN, ON STAGE!

iRAIN said...

My fave is Fresh Woman! I like the song (the "fresh woman fresh woman" part is originally a jingle of a kiddy ad? It's a very familiar tune). I was surprised to see his Afro hair and I love Rain being funny and silly and, it's SO 80's! Second fave, the magic stick dance from Rainism. Others are just OK for me.

fraulein said...


I think Kim Suna was being ferried from point to point in her chaffeured MPV.

fraulein said...

at first listen, "fresh woman "sounded like "fresh flowers"

It was either badly pronounced or I need to get my ears checked!

iRAIN said...

I just realized Kim Sun Ah was the funny woman in red blouse in one episode of Ya Shim Man Man shows. She's a funny gal!

In case you want to re-watch:

Orchid said...

@iRAIN I ♥ the magic stick dance! Awesome! Love it!

@fraulein Where did you get "Fresh flowers"? hehehe i must listen to it again.

Did you all notice that Kim Suna was wearing the necklace 비 gave her for her birthday at the performance? =)


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