Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Noryangjin Fish Market

Don’t pay KRW20,000 for Sea World at 63 Building in Yoido. Go to the Noryangjin Wholesale Fish Market for the real experience. You’ll see stuff that Sea World doesn’t even have.

The Noryangjin Fish Market is Seoul’s main hub for seafood. Restaurant buyers and seafood savvy folk flock here to get the best deals on all sorts of fish everyday. The market is open 24 hours and if you’re really fish crazy, you can come see the best catch of the day get auctioned off daily from 1am – 6am.

For a city girl like myself who does most of her grocery shopping at the supermarket, this fish market was a real freak show. I’ll let these pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

Something smells fishy.

Entering the market. If you've been to wet markets in Asia,
you'd agree that this fish market is rather clean.


Fishing for crabs.

Hairy looking crabs that make my tongue itch when I look at it.

Spindly crabs... my knowledge of crab species is non-existent so,
please bear with my erroneous descriptions.

What the heck is that?


Have you ever seen the face of a stingray?

Shop keeper tending to her bounty of marine delights.

Freshly shucked oysters and... er... giant fish head.

How to get there:
  • Route 1: A 5 minute cab ride from 63 Building in Yoido costs only KRW2,100. Do not attempt to walk there from 63 Building or you’ll end up in a mass of expressways.
  • Route 2: Take subway line 1 and stop at Noryangjin station. Ask locals for “Noryangjin si jang (노량진시장)” and they’ll point you in the right direction. Or… follow your nose.
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Orchid said...

This fish market is HUGE man! Usually, i would be the last person to volunteer to go to a wet market. Because here in Msia (where temperatures are high) the wet market is very smelly and messy.

But Noryangjin is interesting. Half of the things we saw, well, i don't know what they are called. Also, the market gives a new meaning to "fresh seafood". Most of the fish there are alive! When you want to buy a fish, the fish monger will dip a net into the aquarium, catch the fish, empty the net onto the cement floor, then hit the fish on the head with a mallet. He then prepares the fish for you to take home. You'll really be having fresh fish for dinner! :-)

Rooster said...

Yea! You can also bring your freshly bought fish to the restaurants lining the market and have them prepare a meal for you.

We didn't try that. Seeing those fish get struck and stabbed in the head did not whet my appetite.

Anonymous said...

wow...those are beautiful pictures. I'm jealous....

yokee 요키 said...

question : what brought u to the fish market? i mean why?

for me this fish market means a lot to me bcos it is BYJ related..haha ^^

Rooster said...

@ yokee: No real reason. I like seeing food markets in different countries. Just like taking the subway, you get a real sense of the country and its people by going to their markets. :)

Liz said...

Yeah, this was a fun visit. I saw so many marine life...most of which I couldn't identify. Awesome stuff! The smell wasn't that great though :-P.

stefanie said...

I am planning for my Korea tour next year. Do u mind if I ask which airline you took to Korea? So far I found MAS Airlines is offering abt RM599 (one way) for selected departure date.

Thanks for sharing the traveling tips too!


alchocoholic said...

Rooster, what camera did u use for those pictures? Am thinking of getting one for myself for x-mas. The quality of your pics look amazing!

Rooster said...

@ alchocoholic: Orchid and I are sharing our pics for the posts. Orchid uses a Nikon D40 and I use a Canon 450D.

Orchid said...

@stefanie, we took a Cathay Pacific flight. But MAS has some great promotions to Seoul now!

@yokee, how is this fish market related to Bae Young-joon?

yokee 요키 said...

one of his drama's character worked here. and oh it's Bae 'Yong' Joon ^^

elizabeth said...

i didn't know that stingrays were supposed to be eaten.. i just like to look at them (and touch them) at oceanariums

aya said...

Wow. I'm glad you guys decided to show us this.. i like yr pics. I'm sure it was a very pleasant experience to be at the wet market. The market doesnt look like any other wet market i've been so far.. if i'm visiting seoul, i'll definitely wont miss this place.. thanks :)

btw, i also really want to know wht the thing in the 7th pic (quote: what the heck is that?)..
looks interesting.. hope some of our korean reader can help wth tht..

wawa said...

wow... great pix girls!!!
looking at all the seafoods, makes me drool!!!! i love seafood so much... we can't really find that type of market here in malaysia, or they don't have it all....?kekekeke...

@elizabeth, i love stingrays especially the grill one... but stingrays are quite expensive...!

rkqs12 said...

Stingray TT_TT Steve Irwin.


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