Tuesday, 25 November 2008

So you think you can play the guitar?

This kid has got some major skillz!


xepik said...

omg, soo good
the guitar looks a bit big on him..but his fingers are c r a z y

if only there were subtitles too..then i'd actually understand it

Arin said...

This kid is amazing.
I even subscribed to his youtube account! XD

btw, glad to see him on popular TV show like Star King.
He's still young and yet.... ahhh.
I'm like having a noona crush on him, lol! jk jk jk. xD

Rooster said...

Isn't he cool, Arin? I like his Fields of Gold cover. So awesome!

samantha said...

i've seen better and younger

Anonymous said...

@ Rooster: what's even better about his Fields of Gold cover is the fact he arranged it himself! @___@

I've been following this kid for years, and he just continues to blow me away. I love his originals, too, they're mindblowing if you take his age and the fact that his skills are self taught into consideration.

|| Lyññ || said...

MAN! I can barely play twinkle twinkle little stars on the guitar without complaining that my finger hurts... hahaha... he's super talented!! haih... I'd kill to have his talent...

this kid is soooo chunted!! =)


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