Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Park Sul-nyeo showcases beautiful Hanbok designs

Take a bow: Park Sul-nyeo (receiving bouquet) enjoys the
applause for a work well done

She is known for creating oh-so beautiful Hanboks, the traditional costume of Korea.

Park Sul-nyeo held a charity fashion show at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul on Jan 13.

Many celebrities – actors, singers and models – showed their support by donning one of her lavish creations and strutting down the runway. Part of the show’s proceeds is channeled into the coffers of the Red Cross of South Korea.

Check out the lovely designs by Park Sul-nyeo. Man, I wish I had one.

Park Hae-mi is light on her feet as she
takes to the stage

Comedian Kim Han-seok holds onto his
wife for support

Lee Su-geun celebrates being on the runway with his wife,
but is missing the boys from 2 Days 1 Night

Lee Eun-hee shows us the
hanbok-cum-slim wrap design

Whoa Kim Su-mi, you had a lot done
to your face!
Does it hurt to smile?

It's a family affair for Yeom Gyeong-hwan
who is seen here with his wife and kid

Jung Young-sook is tickled pink because her catwalk
partner is child actor Wang Suk-hyun

Im Hyeok-pil gets his daughter to
warm up to the crowd. Aww, so cute!
(The girl, not the Dad ;-P)

Kim Hye-seon shines in her spring
motif hanbok

Model Seo Dan-bi sashays down the catwalk
in a black and bold number

Eva of Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies shows off
the "painting" on her costume - lovely

Source: Newsen

The Hanbok


alchocoholic said...

Awww... the kids look absolute adorable! I like how this was a family affair, made it seem more intimate than your usual fashion show. I wish we could get away with wearing a hanbok here in Malaysia... so pretty and elegant.

Orchid said...

Most of these hanboks look like they are designed for the cold winter months...except those two (spring motif) and the one Eva's wearing.

nanienooraini said...

I want one!

|| Lyññ || said...

OMG! I love Eva but the photographer snapped at the wrong time... She is really REALLY beautiful for a British =)
What happened to Kim Su-Mi?? She looks so nice last year!

tq for the pics! I want one hanbok too~~


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