Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cheon Jeong-myeong promoted in the army

Actor Cheon Jeong-myeong in his army fatigues

Actor Cheon Jeong-myeong (Fashion 70's) who is currently serving his military duty posted a message to his fans on his Fan Cafe. He told fans that he has been promoted and he is very happy about that. He promised to serve well in the army until the day he will be discharged from duty.

Cheon enlisted on 02 January, 2008 and as of now has completed 1 year. He is mid-way in his military service.

Cheon also sends his love and thanks to fans and wishes them good luck for the new year! Hang in there Jeong-myeong. We hope to see you in a drama or movie when you complete your training!

Source & pic credit: Asia Economy

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Anonymous said...

He is soooo cute!!~~


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