Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Seo In-young packs her bags for America

Seo In Young will be holidaying in the US for 2 months

The singer who made popular the female bowl cut Seo In Young (서인영) is getting ready to go for a long vacation in the USA. She will stop all her local (Korean) activities soon. Seo, who is currently hosting KBS's Music Bank will be handing over the mic to a new host after 9th January.

Seo In Young also left MBC's We Got Married and recorded her last show for SBS Ya Shim Man Man on Dec 14, 2008. She is preparing for a 2 month vacation in America. According to the article, she plans to re-charge physically during her break and the trip will also enable her to improve herself. A vacation cum self upgrade in the States!

Seo In Young and Crown J ~
her partner in the show "We Got Married"

Pics credit: Newsen

Source: Coolsmurf, hkn24


Anonymous said...

Oh noes...she's going to the States too?

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Oh Great.Just what we need. Another drop-dead gorgeous female to cause traffic accidents. Think of all the trial lawyers getting rich, on the dudes getting whiplash looking at her... Yup things are improving here in the states!!!!! YIPEEE.

Sherrie in HB, CA said...

Why here in America? Can we provide her the rest she need? What I don't understand is whenever a star needs to get away, they come to America. I live here and I don't see it. Can someone enlight me with what they see that we American cannot see? I hope she does get her rest.

fraulein said...

Just when I thought they finally found the right combination - Seo In-young and Seyun.

What will the troll do in America? Hmm.. embarrass herself?

Music Bank has had so many changes in hosts. Can they stop the chopping and changing?

Nozomi said...

I guess coming to america they feel not to many people will recognize them.

Maybe she's having more plastic work done and needs somewhere to hide. Or she could be hooking up with crown j.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Guys???? What's up with you? The birds are flying higher, the flowers are blooming bigger, the sun is brighter, things are getting better, 'cause she's coming over!!!!!! YEA!!

Anonymous said...

My guess...she is getting some more plastic surery or she is hooking up with Crown J, because no one comes to the US for relaxation.

peepoo said...

yea, i wouldn't be surprised if she's coming here for more cosmetic procedures...especially for 2 months to "improve herself"! but then again, what can we offer her here that she can't get in SK where plastic surgery is their specialty???

Sherrie in HB...there are a TON of things in the states to do! the US is HUGE...most americans don't even get to experience all of the US in their lifetime, let alone foreigners who don't live here.

Vic in Long Beach, CA...hmm, i don't know about her stopping traffic. there are PLENTY of pretty asian girls...prettier than! man, i sound like a hater...haha...but i really don't have anything against this girl. i just think there are so many cuter asian girls here!


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