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Song Il Gook is having a rough week

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Song Il Gook looking mighty mean for
his role in Kingdom of the Wind

I am so impressed by actor Song Il Gook (송일국). Prior to him winning the 2008 KBS Drama Awards for Best Actor, i didn't know that he is a "historical drama king"! Song Il Gook has acted in the epic drama Jumong and is now helming Kingdom of the Wind. Okay, call me ignorant. I only saw him in The Art of Seduction which was a rom-com. What a difference in genre. Who'd knew he could deftly wield a sword, ride on horseback and look awesome in traditional dress. Yes i do like an actor who is versatile.

With my new found infatuation for Song Il Gook, i went to read up on news about him. He is having a rather rough week - attending court cases and falling off horses.

A sight to behold...
Song Il Gook on horseback

While filming Kingdom of the Wind (바람의 나라) on 6th January morning out in the country, he fell from his horse. Song was unconscious for a short time after the fall. He was then rushed to the nearby hospital in Naju and received treatment there. Although Song seems to have suffered no serious injuries except for neck pains, he has been advised to rest by the doctor.

As if falling off one's horse and losing consciousness isn't bad enough, Song is entangled in an ugly law suit.

Song Il Gook also had to attend trial on the 7th Jan afternoon at Seoul center district court. The case is a long running one between Song and freelance reporter Kim Soon-hee. Way back in January 2008 reporter Kim Soon-hee accused Song of assault when she was trying to approach him for an interview regarding his then up and coming wedding. He refused the interview and went into his house. Reporter Kim alleged Song of striking her in the face and knocking a couple of her teeth loose. However, Song sued her back saying she's a liar.

There are also CCTV footages proving that Song did not lay a finger on Reporter Kim. But Reporter Kim fought back that the footages were doctored. And so it goes back and forth and the trial is still on-going. Next hearing will be at 10am, 16 January 2009.

Not a sight to behold - the bad hair! Oh tie it up!
Song Il Gook vs Reporter Kim

If you are like me and want to watch Song Il Gook in a period drama, watch him in Jumong (Prince of the Legend) ~ touted as the biggest Korean drama of 2007.

Get the complete series of Jumong (US Version) on YesAsia!

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Michael Yip said...

hey hey .... dropping by to say hi. How you girls been since we met at MTV Asia Award?

ari said...

I love him in Jumong.. I watched the drama first and realised later that he also acted in a rom com movie.. Yup Orchid.. He is so versatile.. Love him to bits.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

I really liked him in "...Seduction" and in "Winds" he is stellar. I am not a big fan of the MSM. (Main Stream Media). So in oy court, she looses by association.

Anonymous said...

Okay, um... for the "bad hair! Oh tie it up" do you mean Song II or Reporter Kim? Other then that, I hope he wins the case.

I love this site! You guys are excellent and very funny! =] Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

yeahh, song il gook is a gr8 actor. i love him! im pretty sure he won a daesang for jumong, which he wuz gr8 in, better than kingdom of the winds i think. he was also in emperor of the sea in which he was the bad guy. his acting was sooo good. he was pretty cool in lobbyist, too. =] so yu should check out those dramas. hez a gr8 actor. =]

Orchid said...

@Michael Yip Thanks for dropping by. I am so honoured and it's nice to hear from you again! We are doing fine.

@Vic in Long Beach...Ah finally someone you actually like! After all the negative comments about Bi, i thought you don't like any of the Korean stars. ;-P

@Anonymous1 Tie it up! Referring to SIG's hair :-)

@Anonymous2 Yeah i wanna check out his dramas now!!!!!!!!!!! to get my hands on them is the problem.

Oh did you all know SIG's wife is a judge.

Hanneebuff said...

Is she a judge? I heard she is a lawyer. He made a lot of girls cry when he married. hahaha! my friends were affected because they loved him in Jumong. Was not really able to watch all the episodes of Jumong since it was sooo looong.

jane said...

i believe his wife is a prosecutor.
& you forgot haeshin, the drama which shot him up to fame.

Anonymous said...

awww I love you're site, it's so funny.
yeah poor oppa is having a rough week, and you forgot to mention that he's currently shooting the last two episodes of Kingdom Of The Winds!!
I saw all of his dramas and if you want to describe him using one word, that would be: Flawless. I love his flawless performance. He looks different in every character he plays, but of course looks hot in all of them kekekeke.
to me, his best performance was in Emperor Of The Sea followed by Kingdom Of the Winds (he's so magnificent in here), then Terms of Endearment (romantic drama) then Jumong.

Orchid said...

Anonymous who describes SIG as "Flawless", thanks for your comment. You saw all of Song Il Gook's dramas? You must be a big fan of his! I read that Jumong has 81 episodes! Oh...why didn't you leave a name instead of Anonymous? =)

selva said...

hi Orchid ^^ I'm the anonymous hehehe. I didn't know how to leave a name (silly me!!)
yeah I'm a big fan of SIG. Just found out about him early this year, then my infatuation started.
about Jumong, yeah it's 81 episodes but don't worry you'll get hooked right away. I actually finished it in 10 days (I had lot of free time back then and I slept only for 3 or 4 hours a day :P )
It was very amusing to read that you didn't expect to see him wearing armors and fighting w/ swords (cause the only thing you saw for him was Art Of Seduction). Because I totally felt the opposite ^^ cause my 1st drama I saw for him was historical (Emperor Of The Sea) so it was kinda shocking for me to see him acting as a playboy in AOS.
Love your site and keep up the good work mwah. and please keep posting SIG's news *hugs*

Orchid said...

Hi Selva,

Hey are you a male or female? Selva is a guy's name.

Thanks for identifying yourself. ;-) You mean you found out about him in early 2008 (that's last year) or is it really early 2009! Cos it's only 10 days into the new year. You can't have had seen all his dramas!!! :-D

Glad you enjoy coming to our site. You'll bet there will be more SIG here!!

Yeah it's amazing...i would think more people would discover Song Il Gook via your method. Watch him in a saguek or drama. Cos he obviously has more screen time on dramas. He's done only two movies! I can't believe he's such a big historical drama star....and i saw him first in the rom-com The Art of Seduction.

selva said...

hi Orchid.
aww no I'm a girl lol (Selva is a girl's name in Mexican, though I'm not Mexican :D ) and I meant that I found out about him early 2008 lol (I'm still under the impression that we're still in 2008 -_- )
and yeah SIG is the historical man. His height and physiques totally suit for a man in those era. He has done 4 historicals already, so he's so good in these stuff. He's known as the best korean actor who ever rode a horse, so it was a shock for us fans to hear about his fall :(
If you would like to see some scene for his role in KOTW in historical costume, you can click my name. It will lead you to my youtube page where I added some videos concerning Kingdom Of The Winds.
OMG I babble a lot lol (another sign that I'm a girl ^_^ ) take care.

mira liyana said...

I love SIG in Terms Of Endearment. he makes me cry watching he cry in this drama... huhuhu... Actually, I know about him only from this drama... other than that, never watch his movies or other drama... but reading the sinopsis of King of The Winds, make me want to watch this drama... hope to hear more about SIG.
p/s: love your site... a lot of updated information about korean intertainment biz here... keep up the good work... good luck for this year, 2009...

Anonymous said...

Yes, he acted very well in Term of Endearmen. After this film, I decided to search his information in internet. I believe that he is a excellent actor. He is not young and it is nice to hear that he got married last year with the lawyer, who is doctorate. Hope that he has a happiness life with his wife.


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