Thursday, 26 February 2009

FT Island represents Litmus

Boyband FT Island – along with their new member Song Seung-hyun – is representing Litmus. The casual clothing brand chose the boys because of their fresh and vibrant image.

Litmus test: FT Island boys in Hybrid Litmus wear

It looks like the investment in the boys is paying off as popularity for Litmus wear has been steadily growing, thanks to FT Island’s fan base.

The change in one of its members has not hampered the band from moving forward.

The FT Island boys released their first mini-album entitled Jump Up on Feb 17. The title song of the album is Bad Woman. Check it out below:

Source: Newsen

Song Seung-hyun is new FT Island member

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maureen said...

i just want to give this article a kimchi kiss..i like the effects on the first pic..

hongki sarang said...

i just them....esp Hongki....

KKVL said...

lol..the new kid seunghyun..he's not tat bad afterall ..very likeable...damn tatsmile is goofy..and he soo doesn't look 16.... more like 18-19...haha..

if oni litmus clothes were available in it?if yes..where do they sell it?


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